Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer Handbook 2014 | 06 Chicago

I was honored to be invited to be a guest designer over on Kerri Bradford's blog this week! When she asked if I'd be interested in playing with some of her designs, I said YES and knew that tackling our short Chicago trip in August would be perfect with her travel themed product. I want to share my Project Life Summer Handbook pages today, but you can also read Kerri's post here.
I chose Kerri's Beautiful Somewhere and Tiny Details cards as a starting point for my spreads. Being in downtown Chicago, there was a lot of gray in my photos so the colors were a fun complement. The 6x8 script artwork on the right side above is from Matthew Taylor Wilson and was a gift included in a Studio Calico scrapbook kit a few months ago.
I love Kerri's script and cut a few of them on black cardstock with the Silhouette to create a bold title card for each spread. On the first page, I used August from this set, and layered it over a Studio Calico grid card + a patterned card from the Beautiful Somewhere set and stitched along the diagonal.
On the second spread, I printed an enlargement of a photo I took while we were at the top of the Hancock Building in the middle of a thunderstorm. It was super cloudy when we first got up there and we couldn't see a thing, but as it started to clear up, we could see the nighttime skyline below. It's still kind of foggy, but I love it nonetheless.
I enlarged Kerri's Here We Go freebie to 6x8 and then used the Silhouette to cut it out of vellum. Then I stitched it in place along the horizontal lines between the words. I love how it turned out!
The title card on this page includes a piece of patterned paper, a Tiny Details : Calendar card and Monday cut from this set. I enlarged the calendar card to about 2" wide, then trimmed off the bottom half so I could just use the large number for the date. Add the day of the week, stitch it on, and I still had a little room below to add a short list of the places we visited that day.
The third spread was for Tuesday, the one and only full day in the city. We did a lot that day, so this page is a major summary of our favorite spots. I cut down most of my memorabilia I had saved from our trip and used this page protector to create an insert. Above, the 'enjoy summer' card is from this set from Ali Edwards. The 'his' and 'hers' stamps are from Elise Blaha Cripe and are no longer available. I used the Color Theory Mint Hint ink for those.
Another date title card. I used a clean pencil eraser and Sunny Day ink to stamp on and highlight the A for August on the calendar card.
I trimmed down a Tiny Details card, folded it in half and stitched it to the side of the insert as a tab.
And the backside of the insert.
I made the Tiny Details cards even tinier and reduced them to 1" wide before printing them all on white cardstock. I just stitched them on a few of my photos as a simple embellishment.

Thank you so much for having me Kerri! You can see all of my Summer Handbook blog updates here.


  1. so many delicious layers... the day of the week over the tiny calendars are fantastic.

  2. wow. so good. I really like how you made those pages. so awesome.
    Now I want to cut out some vellum. love how you put it over that photo!