Friday, August 1, 2014

around here

Hooray for a new month, + a fresh calendar page. The end of July left me feeling a kinda frazzled because I was way over-planning my days which means I thought I wasn't doing enough. After a few 'do what I want' days and lots of thinking, I'm ready to tackle my lists again and have lots of fun during our last full month of summer. Here's a little bit of what's going on here :

making : I'm working on a few spreads for my Project Life album from our camping trip over the Fourth of July weekend. I'm also collecting supplies for Marcy's mini book class and plan on tackling that during a mid-month crop.

going : on a hike on some new-to-us trails at a local park. Our weather has been pretty lame cool so we haven't been doing our usual water activities. Our air conditioner + electric bill are happy though.

buying : lots of pretty things from Tina and the new Color Theory acrylic paint.

looking forward : to a few days in Chicago with my man. Shopping, eating, walking, being a tourist. Yes please.

Have an awesome weekend!

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