Friday, August 8, 2014

5 for Friday : Chicago edition

Mark and I had a mini getaway earlier this week and spent 48 hours in Chicago. We've been downtown several times but never in the summer, so this trip was memorable for that reason alone. 

Despite the short amount of time, we ventured out a bit and explored areas of the city we had never been too. These were our five faves :
  1. The Godfrey Hotel : Awesome River North location and close to Michigan Avenue, this fab boutique hotel is one of Chicago's newest hotels. The Godfrey is slick and modern (check plus if you know us), plus they have an amazing indoor-outdoor rooftop lounge with views of the city. Our room on the 12th floor provided a much needed escape from the action around us when we were looking to rest. It was quiet and cozy and perfect.
  2. Chicago Q : Mark and I were looking for something different on our last night. Not Italian or Japanese or American / bar food. When I mentioned BBQ, Mark agreed and we headed north to Chicago Q. After we ordered they brought out some fantastic bread + butter pickles with our drinks (mint julep for me) and I tried my best to share. I got the baby back ribs and Mark had chicken. The sauces were yummy and we were both impressed with how moist the meat was. I was eyeing the dutch apple pie for dessert but I didn't have any room! Stuffed.
  3. Heritage Bicycles : The atmosphere of this little bike shop + cafe was our absolute favorite. Mark has built a couple of bikes over the last few years so stopping in this store was a must for him. He loved chatting it up with the employees and showing them his latest bike project and I loved that they sell coffee. Awesome people + awesome vibe. We didn't want to leave!
  4. Old Town : Something I was looking forward to doing was exploring the surrounding neighborhoods and Old Town was my favorite from this visit. Lots of cute shops and restaurants, and just big enough to spend a couple hours there. I spent the most time inside Greer, a fun little stationery store on the north end of town.
  5. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams : We weren't exactly close to Jeni's when I suggested going to get a mid-day treat but thanks to the L, we were there in no time. And boy was it worth it. We each got a trio, or three scoops, in a waffle cone. I got goat cheese with red cherries, black coffee and Askinosie Dark Milk Chocolate. I thought the cupcakes at Sprinkles were going to be hard to beat, but Jeni's was the best. Now I'm on the lookout for it locally.
Thank you Chicago. We can't wait to come back.


  1. You can get the goat cheese and cherries ice cream at Kroger! I just bought some :)

    1. Thanks Sue! The two close to use don't have it - of course! We are hitting Plum Market this week to get some. :)