Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day in the Life : Thursday May 8

Back in May, I documented another Day in the Life with Ali. I don't know if it was the weather or my attitude (or a combination of the two) but I had a lot of photos this time around. I decided to use a new-to-me page protector, the Design V from the Variety 5 pack and created this insert that I'll add to my Project Life album for Week 19. Design V holds twelve 3" high by 4" wide cards or photos on each side.
I narrowed down my photos to 24 and seriously debated just putting my photos in the page protector as is. But I had more to say. Plus, I like when an insert is smaller than the standard 12x12 pages that sandwich it so I cut the end column of 3x4 slots off, leaving 8 pockets to fill front and back. This also meant I needed two page protectors.
That left me 8 pockets for journaling and filler cards. Before I printed my photos I added the time and a short description about the photo or what was going on at that moment. I flipped through my Project Life card stash looking for ones that had an appropriate journaling prompt, that were in the horizontal orientation and started building a color palette of yellows, pinks and blue to go with the dominant green in my photos. 

Because the spread is so photo-heavy, I kept it light with the embellishments. I went through my wood veneer and small sticker stash and added one to each photo. That's it! Here is how it all came together.

Front of page 1 :

Turn the page for this two-page spread :
Turn once more for the back of page 2 :
I've been documenting a Day in our Life every three months, so I'll probably be doing this again in August. I really love the 4x4 album Ali made for her May Day in the Life, so that is a serious option next time around.

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  1. That page protector is a great fit. I like how you put this one together.