Friday, May 9, 2014

5 for Friday : Day in the Life edition

Yesterday I joined Ali Edwards in documenting a Day in the Life. I took 113 photos (which is huge for me. It was a good day!) and these are five of my favorites. Later this month I'll put together a spread to add to my Project Life album.
7:48 am : brushing Morgan's hair for school.
11:45 am : an invitation from Parker to his preschool Mother's Day Tea Party next week. (His teacher told me he was so excited he wrote it himself!)
5:08 pm : strawberry lemonade popsicles on the deck because it's 82 degrees outside.
 6:46 pm : hooray for green grass, bare feet and dirty tootsies.
6:54 pm : family selfie in the playhouse

Have a great weekend! I'm spending mine with my mom and sister - scrappin' and chattin' and eatin' and then I'll be back home Sunday to spend Mother's Day with my little family.

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