Thursday, April 3, 2014

trying something new : mixed media

About a month ago, while browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon some gorgeous art journaling pages and ended up started a journaling + mixed media inspiration board. I find I'm drawn to simple pages, or ones with bold lettering and journaling, and I'm intrigued by the idea of keeping a journal that is a little more artsy + private than what I create and share with the world.

When Studio Calico announced in mid-March that they'd be running a Mixed Media class in April with CĂ©line Navarro and Anna-Maria Wolniak, I may have gasped a bit. I was excited, but nervous about learning a new technique. I had no supplies and so many questions.

Last week I decided to start small and ordered some supplies for class. I grabbed a dozen Neocolors in my favorite colors, some palette knives and gel medium. Did you know that the Neocolors in the Studio Calico shop coordinate with the new Color Theory inks? It was so nice to flip through my swatchbook and decide which ones would be good to start with.

Once I opened up my box a few days later, the first thing I went for were these gorgeous crayons.
I grabbed my watercolor paper pad + water brush and started scribbling.

Morgan sat with me while I experimented. We ooh'ed and aah'ed together and she said "Wow Mommy, are those like crayons for adults?" She was pretty intrigued too - my sweet girl. I'll probably make a smaller version as a color chart for myself, but this was a lot of fun to make. You use the Neocolors just like a crayon and then blend with your water brush (or water and brush) until smooth. Very fun stuff but I'm certain I have so much to learn.

If I'm honest, keeping my new supplies organized is one of my favorite parts of this hobby. I snagged an empty bucket and some glass containers to hold my Neocolors and palette knives.

I also added the gel medium, some gesso, plus a small watercolor journal and Mister Huey's watercolor set I already had. When I have an opportunity to play, I can just grab the bucket and my iPad to read the class tutorials and watch the videos and find a spot anywhere in the house. This is the kind of thing I like to do when my kids are sitting at the table coloring, painting, or playing with Play-doh.

Class started on Tuesday and I'm loving it. Still nervous, but very excited to try something new and add some different techniques and ideas to my creative arsenal. I'm looking forward to finding my mixed media style - since I love layers and texture, but tend to be inspired by minimalism as well. You can mix both, right?

Want to join us and bring out your inner artist? You can still register here through the end of April. Even if you don't have an opportunity to play right away, the videos and tutorials will always be available once you enroll. Are you looking for more mixed media inspiration? Check out this group board on Pinterest

See you there!

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