Thursday, April 24, 2014

back to reality + some Camelot sneaks

Confession : I'm having a hard time getting back into my daily routine after a fabulous week in Jamaica.
This trip turned a bit introspective and when we got home, I had this desire to dissect my life in a sense and evaluate what was working, what wasn't working, what is important to me and what is just bs.

It sounds more intense than it was, but I've been trying to let go of that feeling of being "caught up" with everything and just work on my own stuff. Finding my flow, my routine and my contentment. A week "off" did an amazing amount of good for me - now I'm working on bringing bits of that feeling back home. I smirked to myself a bit when I read this Zen Habits post yesterday because I am guilty of fantasizing about how to 'get it together' but not taking action on it for whatever reason and/or excuse. Always such good intentions...

It felt good to come home and make stuff though. I was greeted with a pile of mail and two boxes of paper love. The Bluegrass Farm scrapbook kit subscription (+ subsequent orders, lol) and the May Camelot Project Life kits.

I had a few weeks of Project Life to work on, including my birthday week and our week in paradise. I loved this quote that Tina shared on her blog a few weeks ago and had to use it for my own birthday. That green card - amazing. And the white alpha rub-on's are some of my favorite. I adore the font too.
This month, my main only spread is a mix of PL and a traditional scrapbook page. I am obsessed with this cut file Paige Evans designed and had to use it on a full layout.
I documented our trip simply because I have plans to get all of the details down in a mini book soon. That meant photo enlargements and lots of memorabilia. The colors and slight travel theme of the add-on's this month seem like they were meant for me.
Reveal of the May kits happens on April 27th at noon EDT for subscribers and midnight EDT for the general public. Until then, you can see more sneaks of all of the kits here.

Hmm, I guess this is all a bit deeper than what I usually write about in this space. If it makes any sense at all. If nothing else, it feels good to type it out. And start taking some action. Baby steps.

On a related note, I found this post really interesting too. I immediately pinned it and wrote this question in my journal : What do I want more of right now?

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