Thursday, March 20, 2014

documenting another first : Morgan loses her first tooth

Two weeks ago, my little girl lost her first tooth. It had been loose for a few weeks, but she didn't play with it much so we had no idea when it was actually going to come out. That afternoon, she jumped off the bus with a little smirk on her closed mouth. At first I wondered what was wrong, but quickly knew she was playing with me and she opened her mouth wide and squealed, "I lost my tooth!" Boy was she happy that it came out at school and that she "finally" had a tooth on her chart at school.

My apologies if toothless gums make you squeamish.
I wanted to be somewhat prepared for this big event, so last month I scrolled through my Pinterest boards looking for tooth fairy ideas and remembered this post from Stephanie Howell and her tooth fairy receipt. It's adorable and I made my own version in Photoshop Elements with the Fake Receipt font. I saved it on my computer so I could just change the date and print it on cardstock on the night she left her tooth for the tooth fairy.

I also asked Morgan if she wanted a box or a pillow to keep her tooth in and she chose a small wood box from Michael's. She painted some white teeth on it and I added a little bright pink felt on the inside of the bottom. I had sized the receipt to 3" wide x 4" high to fit in a Project Life pocket and it also fit nicely inside this small box.
On the big night, I slipped the receipt and money in her box and sprinkled some glitter (pixie dust, ya know) inside and around the box. She loved that!

Next, I needed to figure out a way to document all of this, and ideally, future missing teeth. I really liked the idea of having a Project Life layout that showed her changing smile as she grows and loses more teeth. I went with a Design F page protector, which has 10 3x4 pockets and one 4x6 pocket.
Inside the 4x6 pocket I created a layered title card. I made a super simple tooth chart diagram (free download below) and printed it on a 4x6 grid card. Using my date stamp and some black ink, I added the date near the tooth she lost and a small arrow. As she loses more teeth, I'll just add the date and an arrow. I like the white space around the diagram and that it will fill up with dates over time.
Over the 4x6 grid card I layered a piece of pink vellum, some star transparency, a tooth Silhouette cut (free download below) and a wood veneer M. I ran all of these pieces through my sewing machine, rounded the corners with my corner chomper and placed it over the grid card before slipping everything in the pocket.
Next, I printed a 3x4 photo of Morgan the day she lost her tooth and added the date with my date stamp and Staz-on to the bottom. I punched a tab (with an old Jenni Bowlin / Fiskars tab punch) from pink patterned paper and adhered it to the top of the tooth fairy receipt. I put the receipt behind the photo and slipped them in the first pocket next to the 4x6 card. If anyone ever wanted to, you can easily pull the receipt out by the tab from behind the photo to read it.
Below is what the spread looks like as of right now. I filled the remaining empty pockets with 3x4 grid cards and will remove them as I add more photos and receipts. For now, they are just a placeholder. As she loses more teeth, I can remove the next 3x4 grid card and replace it with the photo/receipt combo. And I can easily take out the tooth chart, stamp on the date of the missing tooth, and slip it back behind the layered vellum card.
I added a plastic file tab to the bottom right edge and will place this page in Morgan's Childhood / School Album, since that one is all about her. I think I will keep it in the kindergarten section, so having a tab on the side will make it easy to find this spread in a full album.
Of course, because I'm all about being prepared (and I like to kill two birds with one stone), I prepped Parker's spread too :
On to the freebies! You can download the 4x6 tooth chart diagram PDF here and the tooth Silhouette cut file here. Please note, the tooth chart is very simple by design so you can embellish it and match it to your own project. You can use a date stamp, or handwrite the date, next to each lost tooth. You could print it on colored cardstock or even patterned paper if you don't have, or don't want to use, the grid card. I simply replaced the 4x6 photo paper in my Epson printer with the grid card (or paper of your choice) and hit print. Very easy.

If you use the freebies, please credit me and more importantly, tag me (I'm @nicolereaves on Instagram and Twitter) or leave a comment in this post so that I can see your project. Enjoy!


  1. it's so nice! thanks for the free downloads!

  2. obviously, I no longer need something like this, but it's just too cute not to tell you what a fabulous idea it is!! :)
    way to go! you are prepped for this!

  3. amazing!!! I love this so much!

  4. What a well thought out layout, and super cute at that. Love the fact that you set up Parker's too.

  5. Thank you so much for the great idea. My daughter just came home from school excited that she has her first loose tooth. I'm going to get her a small box she can decorate for the tooth fairy. Also love the graph paper with the tooth diagram and dates. I think that she'll love that too.

  6. Where did you get the tooth fairy receipt?