Tuesday, March 4, 2014

a quick tip for cutting felt with the Cuttlebug

I had never used a manual die-cutting machine until I got into letterpress last fall. I ended up getting a Cuttlebug - mostly because it was one of the smallest and least expensive options, and I only planned on using it for letterpress.

Over the past couple of months, Studio Calico has introduced some fabulous craft dies in designs that were much more intriguing to me than ones I'd ever seen before. Last week I spent a little time playing with the new dies that were released with the Office Hours kits, but instead of pulling out some papers to play with, I grabbed my felt stash.

I treated the felt like paper and just assembled my dies and plates as usual. Note : if you haven't used thin dies on your Cuttlebug before, you will need a C Plate Adapter (which is a little thicker than the standard B Plate) to make up for low profile of the thin dies.
Here, I used the Numbers Geotags craft dies. From the bottom up, I stacked the plates in this order :

1. A Plate
2. B Plate
3. craft die
4. felt
5. C Plate

But not all of the dies / geotags were coming out clearly. Maybe it was the difference of thickness or texture with the felt? I'm not certain. The piece on the left (below) was my first try :
You can see the outline of the 7, but it clearly didn't cut through all the way. By simply adding a scrap of thin chipboard between the A and B Plates, I was able to get the results seen on the right. Hooray for an easy solution!
So of course I went on a cutting spree with my dies and felt. It was fun to go through the colors I had on-hand to match to my Color Theory Swatchbook. I've got major rainbow love here.
I had no idea how fun this was going to be. Two thumbs up on a successful experiment!


  1. Though I don't have any machine, but this is a great idea! Thank you for sharing and inspiration!

  2. GREAT TIP!!! Now waiting for my kit to arrive!!! :-)