Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life | Scripted sneaks

My Mini Book Mini Workshop took over my craft space at the end of January, so I'm just now getting to my Life | Scripted projects. I hope you've enjoyed Kal's videos as much as I have. I feel so inspired after listening to her talk and watching her work her magic. And if you haven't signed up yet - registration is still open. Come join us!

It's been fun warming up my brushes again and trying script with other mediums like Mister Hueys. I shared a quick video on Instagram several weeks ago of me writing one of my favorite sayings from Kal, practice makes better. Lots and lots of practice. You can watch it here. This combo was a #4 sumi brush with lamp black gouache.
The projects I'm sharing (in class only) include a little inspiration via a Project Life spread :
As well as a tutorial on how to turn your brush script into a Silhouette cut file :
And a digital brush. I can't wait to share this full scrapbook layout!
Happy practicing! I hope to see you in class.

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