Wednesday, February 5, 2014

how I organize my Studio Calico Project Life kits

If I'm being completely honest, organizing my Studio Calico Project Life kits is equally as fun as using the supplies each month. Today I wanted to give you a peek into how I put everything together so it's accessible + I remember to use it beyond my assignments.

Early each month I prepare the digital items I know I'm going to use with the newest kit that is coming my way. This usually means printing all of the printables, as well as printing and cutting the labels and cutting any Silhouette files I want to use on white cardstock. On a related note, Marcy did a print and cut tutorial on the SC blog earlier this week. It's so easy and I highly recommend doing it - especially for those little labels.
For now, I keep my journaling cards and small accents in mini loaf tins I got on Etsy. Then I start impatiently waiting for my shipping notice + count down the days until my happy mail arrives.

When I receive my kits, I pull out everything and spread it all out. I fondle every little bit and make mental notes of my favorite items and journaling cards. I don't organize any of my cards other than putting the ones I know I for sure want to use in the front of the stack.
Then I take everything out of it's original packaging (which I keep in the box that the kits come in for safe keeping - until I'm 'done' with the kit) and start sorting. This is the Sugar Rush kit from February. I separated all of the loose embellishments in a muffin tin (again, found on Etsy) - wood veneers, the banners, the small accents from the printables, the labels, washi, etc. Everything gets it's own little home.
Back to the loaf tins, one is for all of the 3x4 and 4x6 journaling cards. The other holds alpha stickers, the stamp set and any other sheets of embellishments or stickers. Most months, everything fits in these three small containers.
When it's time to work on my layouts, everything is out on my desk and ready to use. As I'm planning my pages, I lay out the cards I want to use right on the page protector (to balance out colors and patterns with my photos) and then I'm not rifling through my cards every time I start on a new pocket. And I can focus on adding embellishments.

Then the fun part begins. Tomorrow I'll share Week 3 :
I usually keep my current kit out until the next one arrives. Leaving it on my desk reminds me to use what I have for new weekly layouts and not just toss it in with my current supplies. It's really helped me use up the good stuff while I'm obsessed with it. Chances are good that I'm going to be obsessed with something new next month. Just before the next kit arrives, I quickly sort through and decide what I love enough to keep and the rest goes in my donate box. My tins are emptied and ready for a new kit!


  1. Love how you sort, use and donate. Where do you donate your unused supplies. I'm getting close to a major purge myself. Thanks for the fun read!

    1. I usually put together giveaway boxes on my blog or Instagram a couple times a year with my unused supplies.