Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY wall art with fabric scraps

In my scraproom, I have a small space next to my Stendig calendar that I've been hanging prints and Project Life cards I'm hoarding. During my last visit to IKEA, I saw they were hanging some of their display artwork on pants hangers and I was totally inspired. At just under $1, I had to have it and do the same.

I have several letter sized prints I could have easily hung, but I wanted something a little larger and decided to make a piece of wall art on my own, with an inspirational phrase that has meaning to me. Plus I already had all of the supplies I needed. Here is what I collected :

12x12 white cardstock / fabric scraps (mine are from Joanns) / Silhouette die-cutting machine / fabric blade / fabric interfacing / ruler / adhesive

My first step was to choose a phrase. I was envisioning a grid of letters, ideally 9 letters (for a 3x3 grid), and 2-3 words so I could use a different fabric for each word. My favorites were be present and just start. I went with be present for this piece.
In Silhouette Studio, I wrote out my phrase in a 3 letter by 3 letter grid using the font, Ghosttown, for a hand cut look. I enlarged the letters until they were about 2.5 inches tall.
Since I was using two different fabrics, I cut the two words separately, starting with be. Following the directions on the Silhouette fabric interfacing, I cut down the fabric and interfacing to a generous 5x8 inches. With the rough side of the interfacing facing the backside of the fabric, I ironed it down and removed the white backer paper.
I attached the fabric to my regular cutting mat and replaced the blade with a Silhouette fabric blade. I used the suggested setting of 3 (for thin cotton fabric) and sent the cut through.
I repeated the interfacing, ironing and cutting steps with another fabric to cut present and roughly laid all of the letters out on my cardstock.
Using a ruler, I marked the center of the 12x12 page and began adhering my letters down with a dot roller adhesive, starting with the first E in present.
From the center E, I worked left and right to add the adjacent letters with 1" spacing.
Once the center row was adhered, I worked up with the same 1" spacing. First with the E in be.
And again, left and right off the E with 1" spacing.
Then I worked down off the center row.
And left and right to complete the end of present.
Here is the finished piece.
I love the simple look and the extra texture of the fabric on paper, but I wanted to add a little something extra. I ended up adding a straight machine stitch, starting the B and right across the first row. Then down to the second row and left toward the R. Down again to the third row and back right to the T. The finished stitching is shaped like a backwards S.
Here's a little close-up to get a better idea. I think it was a subtle finishing touch.
And here it is on my wall.
You could alter this project a dozen different ways for your own wall art. You could easily use patterned paper instead of fabric or you could handcut the letters instead of using a die-cutting machine. I'm all about using what you have and the best part is you can make another one with a new phrase whenever the mood strikes.