Friday, February 14, 2014

around here

reading Notes from a Blue Book. I just finished Hands Free Mama and am already looking forward to reading it again.
loving a mid-week lunch date with a dear friend. We are going to do that more often, right Sue?
listening to Morgan read to us. After dinner yesterday she insisted we read before I clean up the kitchen and I happily joined her on the floor. Then at bed time, her and Parker snuggled in his bed to read stories and my heart burst into a million pieces. Such a proud mama!
organizing my new Alex drawers. So happy to have a home for my in-progress projects.
lusting over Jamaica's newest mini book covers. Cannot wait to get mine!
planning our 10th anniversary trip - somewhere HOT please.
feeling panicked about the fact that I haven't made progress on a single goal or project I've planned for 2014.
needing a full night of sleep. Or at least some quiet time to contain my thoughts so my head isn't spinning when it hits the pillow.
looking forward to a cozy night at home with my main man, a bottle of wine and a late dinner after the kids go to bed.
making these salted caramel molten chocolate cakes for dessert.
favorite quote this week (from Parker on the way home from school Tuesday) : "My family is my whole world!"

Happy Valentine's Day + I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Mid-winter break starts the second Morgan hops off the bus and I am so happy about that. I was missing our lazy days.


  1. Love your photo and that book is next on my list!

  2. Absolutely! It was the highlight of my week :)