Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

I've had my hands in several projects this last week.  Getting messy + spreading out all over the house.

Brush script practice for Life | Scripted on the floor :
And replenishing my letterpress stash on the kitchen table :
I got a question last week about how I organize my stamps, so I wanted to give you a peek into how I do that today too. 
I store all of my clear stamps in this basket + use these Avery Elle storage pockets to keep them separated. Yes, this is it. I give away a lot of the sets I know I'm not going to use over + over again.

Each envelope will hold one 4x6 set,
two 3x4 sets,
or lots of smaller sets.
I know a lot of people label their pockets with the kit their stamps came from, but because of my small stash, it hasn't been a problem recalling that info if I need to. It's always something I can add later as my collection grows.

Pretty simple + it's working for me right now. These are also a great solution for storing your dies + letterpress plates. At the time of this posting, these pockets are sold out in the Studio Calico shop. If you click the 'notify me' button, you'll get an email when they're available again.


  1. Love your stamp storage! Where did you find your wire basket?