Thursday, January 9, 2014

Project Life Week 51

This week, I completed my Project Life layouts for 2013 and will be sharing the last couple weeks over the next few days. First up, week 51 :
This week was full of events for the kids, including Morgan's first pom performance with our local high school + Parker's preschool winter concert. Both were adorable!

Left side :
The kids also officially heard from Santa that they were both on the nice list. Lots of excitement about that. Mark also got to see one of his projects completed, the Meijer Center at Grand Valley State University, so I included photos he took during his visit. (Note to self : do more of this.)

Right side :
I cut a Design A page protector in half for an insert all about Morgan's pom performance at our high school varsity basketball game. It was loud - just ask Parker.
The full spread with the back of the insert :
My sister and friend Val came to cheer Morgan on. They are both former pom girls from high school so they seemed pretty geeked to see Morgan and watched the high school girls perform. They are State Champs and it showed. I included a QR code on the insert of Morgan's performance. (Another note : keep doing that.)

Right side :
Another performance and another QR code. This time to Parker's preschool winter concert. The kid makes me nervous sometimes - wondering if he is going to be "into" what he is supposed to be doing with his class. But he totally rocked his little concert + smiled the whole time. Super cute stuff.

We spent part of the weekend with my in-laws to celebrate Christmas and then crashed the gender reveal party of my brother and sister-in-law via FaceTime (they are in Florida and we are in Michigan). So we got to find out when they did that they are having a boy! Yay! I'll share something I put together for them next week. I bet you can guess.

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