Thursday, January 2, 2014

Best of 2013 : Project Life edition

When I picked up Jamaica's best of cards last month, I wasn't positive how I was going to use them in my Project Life, but I had to have them.
Once I laid them all out, I thought about using them as my album closing page in a Design F page protector with a 4x6 photo. But it needed more.

So I started going through my photos on the computer and pulled ones that matched what I would consider bests of 2013. And a 'Best of 2013' spread was born.
I cropped my photos down to 3x4 + printed them in black and white so the colors wouldn't compete with the rainbow of color in the journaling cards. Then I grabbed my printable label stash and chose colors to match the cards. And laid everything out.
My plan was to use the labels on the edge of each photo to note the month that event occurred. It was bothering me that I didn't have a purple label so I recolored a couple in Photoshop to match "the best" card and printed them for my final spread.
The bests are a combination of all of us - not just me. I was thinking about adding all of our personal favorites to each card but was worried it would look too full or cluttered. So I chose one best for each card + called it good. I will be adding my handwritten list of bests for each of us to a 12x12 envelope at the back of my album.
And I'm really happy with how it turned out. The 'this happened' card is from the Storm King kit + the month stamps are from the Day by Day class stamp set.
I finished the labels off with a simple straight machine stitch.
Simple, effective + rainbow-tastic. I think I like it.
This is the last full 2-page spread in my Project Life album. My closing page will likely be an enlarged 12x12 photo cut down to fit in the pockets of the page protector. I'll share it once it's done + can officially close the books on 2013.


  1. LOVE. i am so glad i got these cards, too. was just playing around with them last night.

  2. Oh Nicole—this is SOOOOOOOO awesome. Better than I could have ever imagined when I designed them. I love how you paired them with BW photos and coordinating tags. And now, wishing I did 12x12 pages so I could the same thing. : )

    YOU are the best!

    xo, jamaica

    1. Oh wow, thank you!! YOU are the best! Please keep designing awesome stuff like this. I just love everything you do. :)