Monday, July 1, 2013

Project Life Childhood Album : Morgan : Preschool Part 2

Last week I pulled out my Mayfield Childhood kit and updated Morgan's school album through the end of her preschool year. I blogged the first half of the school year back in March. You can see Part One here.
I've said it before but I really enjoy the simplicity of these core kits. So easy to work on this album a little bit here and there by just grabbing the kit, my photos and a pen.

Since my first update, I've transferred any of the pages that were in letter sized page protectors into Becky Higgins 8 1/2 x 11 ones. Everything looks so nice and uniform now. You'll see in the following pages I've used a couple different ways to add in memorabilia that didn't really fit in a page protector.

I'm hoping to get my hands on a few of the faux leather albums later this month when they are available. Right now I'm leaning towards the Blush / pink albums for Morgan to match the Mayfield kit.

Here's where we left off, the end of February. A sprained ankle and a princess birthday party for a friend. On the right is the beginning of several inserts. The first is a small princess book that Morgan wrote (inside a 5x7 horizontal page protector).
Close-up of left side :
The next insert was a composite preschool class photo (on the right). Sorry for the blurring, but I know you get the idea.
On the back is a Detroit Tigers paw they made in April, around opening day. On the right is the sheet Morgan's teacher gave us at her spring conferences.
Next page, on the back is another handwriting sample. Girl loves to practice writing. On the right is the book board she made and wore for their book parade in April. I believe it was a 12x18 paper I folded in half and slipped in a 12x12 page protector (then sewed along the edge and trimmed off the excess).
Next are highlights from the book parade, plus I documented the first play she attended - Beauty and the Beast at her future high school.
Close up of right side. On some spreads I was short a photo that was relevant to that page, I'd ask Morgan to make me a drawing on a 4x6 grid card. Here she drew a picture of her reading the book that inspired her book board.
The following pages continue through the end of May - Bread Day, the NHL playoffs and PJ reading night at her new elementary school. The first insert on the right is her spring school photo inside a 5x7 vertical page protector.
Close up of left side :
The next couple of inserts are her drawings. On the left, Jewel Sparkles from Lalaloopsy. On the right, a book she 'wrote' at school about feelings inside a 8 1/2x11 horizontal page protector.
And then writing out the ABC song. This one is a favorite of mine. On the right, we're getting close to the end of the school year. Their teacher had some chicken eggs in an incubator that hatched in their classroom, and my picky lunch eater started eating sandwiches (yay!)
Close up of right side. On the second 3x4 card, I included a piece of her noo-noo. Morgan has gone through three of these little loveys (comfort object) since she was a baby. It started falling apart this spring and I saved one of the little flowers to stitch to a journaling card.
In the following spread I documented a bit about the science fair and end-of-school ice cream social. The insert on the right was the program from Morgan's Moving On Ceremony. It was a letter sized paper folded in thirds so instead of altering a page protector to fit it, I just added a strip of patterned paper to the left side and punched a couple holes to add it to the album. Plus now we can open and read the program without taking it out of a page protector too.
Close up of left side :
The next insert was her name tag and photo that hung in her classroom all year. The teachers gave them to us at the party that followed the Moving On Ceremony and I had to keep it. It is longer than 12" but still fits in the scrapbook, so to add it into the album I just added some washi tape right along the top edge, front and back, so I had something to punch holes in. It feels pretty sturdy, but if it does tear, I can easily redo it, or think of another solution if I need to. For now, this works great.
The last insert was a CD that the teachers made of the kids favorite songs that they loved to dance to throughout the year. Music, singing and dancing is huge for Morgan and she loves that she can listen to the songs they played at school now at home. I considered adding it to a small envelope page that I have in my page protector stash, but to cut down on bulk, I just slipped it into a 5x7 vertical page protector and then trimmed off the top 2". I added the small arrow paper clip on the edge to keep the CD from slipping around too much.
The final page is Morgan's Moving On Cermony - a short performance in the gym plus a party in her classroom were the extent of her final day of preschool. I got a photo of her with the sign in front of the school before we left for the last time and then made a filler card with some extra number stickers I had to write 'class of 2026'. Seems so far away but I know it's going to go so fast.
Close up of right side :
I'm so happy to have a good start on her childhood album. Kindergarten, here she comes!

Thanks so much for looking! If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them in the comments.


  1. This is so, SO awesome, Nicole! She's going to love looking at this yeas from now (and I suspect you will as well :)

    1. Thank you Erica! She already loves that it's all about her. :)

  2. love!! i have all my son's stuff from this year in a pile waiting for me to put in a album. thank you for the inspiration! just wondering...what did you do with the artwork/projects from school that did not make it into the album?

    1. I honestly only kept the best of the best as far as artwork goes. Bits of it made it into this album. Some of it is in our family Project Life album as an insert. I have a small stack of drawings that I want to scan or photograph and have printed in a hardcover book - someday.

      Also, her teacher kept a 1" binder for each child and made a portfolio that the parents received on the last day that has a lot of her artwork and projects in it. It's hard to choose what to keep but I will admit I didn't keep everything. My favorites tend to be anything that told some sort of story, drawings of her family or people she knows, or that had a good sample of her handwriting on it.

      Hope that helps and good luck!!

  3. yes it does! before my son started preschool he attended a playgroup of sorts & they did weekly art projects & so i scanned/photographed them all & made a hardcover book. i didn't know if i should continue that since i was going to make a school album. since i am a saver & have a really hard time getting rid of things (much to the dismay of my husband ;) i think i am still going to make a hardcover book. my son's teacher also made a binder full of stuff from the year..ahh so much stuff!! and to think he still has years more of school to come! thanks again for the inspiration!!!