Monday, June 3, 2013

I Choose : June

Last week when I was thinking about what I wanted to work on in June, I realized I didn't share my May list. Then I checked my notebook, and I didn't even make a May list. I guess I really was taking some kind of mental break last month. Anyways, onward...

I imagine myself making some pretty enjoyable I Choose lists in the next few months. I am very very lucky in that I can plan my days however I like. If there is something I don't like or isn't working with our schedule, I am in control of changing that. This summer is going to be a mini kick in the butt - in choosing what I want to do, what my priorities are, and who I want to spend time (or not spend time) with, without feeling guilty about it. Having simpler days. Saying no. Elise talks a lot about that in her class and that part really resonated with me.

With that, here is my list for June :
Creative : I had high hopes of keeping up + completing my This is Me album during the Studio Calico class in April. Then May passed and it has stayed relatively untouched for over a month. I'd really really like to get it done this month. I've already laid my album, supplies + stuff out on my desk so I can pick at it every chance I get.

Around the House : learn how to use the grill. We got a nice new grill last summer and although Mark is definitely the grill master here, I want to know how to use it too. No excuses.

Routine : last year around this time Ali Edwards blogged about her summer manifesto + I joined in with my own. I loved that exercise and this month I want to do that again. Though summer doesn't technically start for a few weeks, it will begin in this house the second Morgan gets in the car after her preschool graduation this Thursday. This month I'm going to go through our calendars + commitments and make a list of what we want to do this summer. There will be a lot of repeats from last year but I'm hoping to slip in some new stuff too.

Health + Wellness : ride 75 miles on my bike. In May I got into the habit of getting on my bike after the kids were in bed and riding for a half hour before dark. I really enjoyed that and wanted to continue that habit in another way this month. This will be a fun test for me to see just how many miles I can ride and hopefully Mark's work schedule will cooperate, because I can't go anywhere if he's not home.

I Choose is a monthly project based on the self-paced class by Elise Blaha Cripe at Big Picture Classes. You can read all of my I Choose posts here.


  1. LOVE that shot you shared - so pretty!

    Isn't it funny how summer begins the last day of school and ends on the first? It's always been that way for me :)

    I'd love to get in the habit of walking after the kids are in bed...I see my husband so little though I feel guilty leaving him alone though.

  2. I signed up for her class. Made my list for January, then life just went down hill and I forgot. Great ideas for you though! Maybe this will prompt me in to getting stuff done.