Friday, May 24, 2013

around here

And just like that, its the last weekend in May. It appears I took an unintentional blog break this month. A much needed break actually. Being at a loss for words + feeling like I'm talking to myself + finding the time to sit and get my thoughts down = deciding to just let it go for a bit and do the other things I enjoy.

Life is moving quickly though. Most days have been awesome + full. Others not so much. Here's a bit of what has been going on around here.

As I type this, Morgan has 3 days left of preschool before her Moving On Ceremony. The end of the school year has been full of projects, field trips, a science fair and an ice cream social. Plus a playdate or 3 thrown in for good measure.

We also went to Kindergarten Orientation, which was less emotional than I thought it'd be. It helps that there are several other kids that we know going to the same elementary school in the fall, including two in Morgan's preschool class plus another that have been family friends since the girls were 2 months old. :)

Last weekend, with the help of my mother-in-law and dad, Mark installed new patio doors. 20 feet of sliding glass doors that are energy efficient and have already made our central air system very happy. Also on the renovation front, we should have the majority of a new deck built in the next few weeks. There is always some kind of project going on here. Especially when the weather is nice.

I just wrapped up my Project Life layouts with the June Studio Calico kit, Roundabout. I completed 4 full weeks of spreads, weeks 16 - 19, plus I closed up my first album and started my second at week 18. I haven't had a lot of inserts (compared to this point last year), but I haven't been shy about using thicker embellishments either. So, 3 albums in 2013 it is. I also got a closing page done for album one and an opening page for album two. Roundabout is officially killed. Everything will be in the Creative Team gallery on May 27 at noon after the subscriber reveal.

Morgan + Parker celebrate birthdays that are just two days apart, so a joint party is the name of the game around here for now. I've been starting to plan a casual party for next month, but I'll admit designing and sending out the invitations is my favorite part.

My sister and I saw Jillian Michaels speak a couple weeks ago. She talked about what she is so well-known for, diet + exercise, but she also added a healthy dose of advice for living your best life and doing what you love. It was a great night and she was super entertaining and funny. One of my favorite quotes of the night - "turn on your bullshit meter." Love that, on so many levels.

To those of you in the States, have a great Memorial weekend. We have a parade to watch, some veterans to honor, a party to attend, and lots of laying around to do. It looks like the weather is going to be cooler than it's been the last couple weeks, but as long as the sun is out, I'll take it. Enjoy!

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