Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's on your ...

I loved this prompt on Ali Edwards blog last week, via her sister. Thought this might be fun to add to my This is Me album and I wanted to share here too.

vanity : my jewelry tree + Aveda hand lotion.

perennial to do list : laundry, photograph the mini album I finished last weekend, prepare for National Scrapbooking Day (next Saturday).

refrigerator shelves : strawberries, vanilla yogurt, string cheese, apple juice and my favorite coffee creamer. Actually we are pretty well stocked now after having to toss a bit of food after a 30-hour long power outage last week.

itinerary : several birthday parties, dentist appointments, kindergarten registration and preschool graduation. I'm going to see Jillian Michaels speak in May with my sister and Daniel Tosh in June with Mark (and I'm crazy geeked about both). This summer we have two family camping trips planned and I'm really hoping the time is right to meet one of my very bestest online friends. ;)

fantasy itinerary : Fiji + New Zealand top the list as new places I'd love to visit.

playlist : Calvin Harris + Justin Timberlake via Pandora. Nearly anything with a beat that would make you want to dance.

nightstand : a lamp, Quiet + the baby monitor to Parker's room.

workout plan : 30 Day Shred has been my go-to, though 30 consecutive days is an unrealistic goal for me.

iphone : email, Instagram, Twitter, Etsy, Feedly, Target + PBS Kids.

top 5 list : sunshine, hearing Parker talk so much, taking breaks, Morgan's requests to snuggle + doing one thing at a time.

bucket list : feeling 'done' with the renovations with this house, more vacations with just Mark, surprising the kids with a trip to Disney (when they are old enough to remember and fully enjoy it) + building our dream house in a dream location.

mind : summer, as well as the kids quickly approaching birthdays + a new direction for my shop.

blogroll : Kal Barteski, Elise Blaha Cripe, Jen Kinkade, Ali Edwards, Jenny Meyerson + Pink Ronnie.

walls on your favorite room in your house : Sherwin Williams Collanade Gray covers the majority of our walls throughout the house. Even though we enjoy a modern minimalist style, I find the walls sadly bare and I'm hoping to find the courage to commit to a plan to cover the enormous wall in our living room with photos + prints.

liquor shelf : Bailey's, Malibu, peppermint schnapps, Chambord, Triple Sec.

last credit card statement : Morgan's last preschool payment, airline baggage charges + lawncare services.

screensaver : blah blah boring black screen.

tv every night : The Voice is the only show I've been watching with any regularity. CNN has been on a lot this past week.

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  1. Very cool Nicole. I too saw the post on Ali's blog and thought it was a great way of recording life as it is right now.....l remember similar type q&a lists going around via email a few years ago.

    ps we've been watching The Voice here in Australia too....although l am missing Keith Urban who was a judge last year but was whisked away by more $$ from American Idol.....