Monday, April 1, 2013

I Choose : April

March was good. Really good for the most part. As far as my I Choose tasks go, I think I did well. Not perfect (because I'm accepting things never go perfectly) but I am certainly mindful of my habits now, that's for sure. Morgan's Childhood Project Life Album is up to date, my closet is a bit more ready for spring (though clearly this weather is not) and my plate continues to look more colorful with produce. Facebook, well, I did get back on about a week and a half ago, not long after we returned from Jamaica. Not perfect, but good enough if you ask me.

Now onto April. It's my birthday month, so I'm gonna keep it pretty loose + fun-ish this time around. Trying to personally sort some things out, so making this anything but overwhelming is the name of the game :
Around the House : we had our concrete patio removed last fall and its current state consists of a pile of dirt and sand. This is really more of a Mark-project but I want to do my part to make sure things are progressing and that we have a new deck by the end of May - which includes sliding doors + a little landscaping. If I can help out by making some phone calls, getting the kids out of the house or being home for a delivery, I'm on it.

Creative : while scrapbooking is my favorite hobby, I do have a few others that I enjoy. In 2011 I signed up for Kal's script school + loved it. I am a bit of an online class junkie + I can say this is one of my very favorites for many reasons. I'm eager to revisit it right now while I look for inspiration, motivation and an excuse to clear my mind.

Routine : I stumbled upon this class, Create a Meaningful Morning Routine, a couple months ago and I found myself thinking about it a lot in March. Mornings are not my thing at all. I'm more of a night owl (though not so much right now) but I do understand and know how much easier, how much better my days are when I have a consistent and enjoyable morning routine before my kids, even my early riser, wake for the day. I hope this course can help get me there.

Health + Wellness : I'm a bit burned out with my fitness DVD selection and would like to add a new one to the mix. My only requirements? 30 minutes or less and little equipment necessary. Hit me with your recommendations if you have any!

What else? 1.) I have a box of new stamps headed my way for the shop and I'll be the first to say that it is long overdue. I'm hoping to get them up mid-April and show them off in a Project Life spread in a couple weeks. 2.) I've been reading through the pdf's for the This is Me class at Studio Calico this month and I am really really excited to work on my own album and maybe share some here this month. 3.) Our nine-year wedding anniversary is approaching and I can hardly believe it. 4.) I think it's time for a giveaway. Tomorrow to be exact.

Have a great Monday + I hope you stay free of any April Fools jokes!

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  1. Happy, happy birthday! Hope you were spoiled rotten this week. I signed up for Kal's class and never did a thing with it- argh! So I'm thinking about signing up again, because I would love to learn. This just might be the kick in the pants that I needed. Miss you friend- glad to catch up with you in blogland.