Friday, February 1, 2013


enjoying a little time between kits and assignments to work on some projects of my own. I usually work on one-thing-at-a time but this week have found myself jumping from one thing to another to another. Like,

sewing a super duper simple felt iphone sleeve

printing photos for one minibook :
and building a kit for another, based on the Matinee add-on this month plus awesome his + hers stamps from Elise :
finding a good project flow in my little workspace. Keeping things current, organized and out in the open so I use them - like moving the Silhouette onto my desktop instead of keeping in a cabinet. Plus saving only what I love and lovingly saving what I don't to give away.
photographing the best of the best of Morgan's artwork. The piles of cute drawings are growing as fast as she is and I've been archiving them via this app.
finishing up my 30 bags in 30 days purge. This last little bit involves paperwork - which I'm very good about filing away but I despise going through it all to decide what we really need to keep (for receipts and tax purposes) and what can be tossed / shredded. It's been a good evening project to tackle while vegging out in front of the tv.

thinking about what to choose this month. January was a really good productive month.
planning an on-a-whim tropical vacation with my man. Counting down the weeks / days / hours until we are on that beach in Jamaica.

adoring the new card class at Studio Calico, You've Got Mail. The stamp set and printables are awesome (as usual) - this might just get me back in the card groove! I'm especially looking forward to the masculine birthday card ideas. Registration is open through the end of February and class begins in March.
brainstorming more stamp designs. Hoping to get have a shop update by the beginning of March.

deleting and adding new favorites to my Google Reader. I'm constantly doing this, right? I'm finding it's not the well-known names that are inspiring me lately and I'm enjoying more blogs from the ladies I would call my friends. You know, like if I knew them in real life.
oh, and loving happy mail. This little stash is from Tina Aszmus / LifeLovePaper. I am thankful for peristance and fast fingers. Don't be jelly. ;)

Happy Friday and happy weekend to you! We have zilch planned and I'm completely okay with that.


  1. I couldn't agree more about the Google reader thing! So much inspiration out there on "blogger" that often gets overlooked! :)

  2. yippee!! happy for a zilch weekend!! ;) today I am planning on staying in my yoga pants and scrapping!
    and i love your less focus with blogs. i like keeping up with my "friends" more. and I really like this lady above me!! :)
    enjoy your weekend! xo

  3. Love seeing what you're up to! I've been doing the google reader thing in little spurts over the past few days...totally get that!