Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Choose : Project 1 : Purge the Clutter

My first I Choose : Around the House project I wanted to share is my plan to purge the clutter in our house.

Pretty much every year since we've had kids, which really has only been a few years, I get this urge after Christmas to go through every surface and holding container in this house and purge. It's probably the overwhelming sight of new toys, boxes, giftwrap, decorations and just general stuff that is laying around without a home. I am very much a "a place for everything and everything in it's place" type of person, so the post-holiday abundance of stuff really rattles me.

I knew once we got back into our routines - decorations put away, Mark back to work, Morgan back to school - I'd have time to get the house back in order. I'm pretty good about continually purging the house of the things that we don't need anymore, but I was feeling like the whole house could use a little extra attention. I saw Becky Novacek was doing a 30 Bags in 30 Days challenge to purge and organize - and this just screamed my name! That night I made a list of all of the rooms in our house, plus corresponding hot spots or areas to tackle. And yup, you guessed it, 30 areas to concentrate on : 
As you can see, I've already finished a few areas. Here is my unedited list:
  1. kitchen  cabinets
  2. kitchen  pantry
  3. front closet – file cabinet
  4. front closet – shelves
  5. living room – play kitchen and toolbench
  6. living room – bookshelves
  7. morgan’s room – dresser
  8. morgan’s room – closet
  9. morgan’s room - floor
  10. parker’s room – dresser
  11. parker’s room – closet
  12. main bath – vanity
  13. main bath – linen closet
  14. family room – toy shelves
  15. family room – cabinets
  16. family room – toy bins
  17. family room – indoor grill area
  18. mudroom – cabinets
  19. mudroom – countertops + inbox area
  20. mudroom – closet
  21. mudroom – purses + bags
  22. master bedroom – nightstands
  23. master bedroom – closet
  24. master bath – vanity
  25. guest / scrap room – desk
  26. guest / scraproom – bookshelves
  27. guest / scraproom – junk corner
  28. guest / scraproom – underbed
  29. guest / scraproom – dresser
  30. garage – garbage + recycling area
My goal is to do one area a day, in no particular order, until I'm done tossing / donating / posting to sell. Some days I may not get to it, some days I may do more than one space. But I'm hoping by the beginning of February that this house will be completely clear and ready to re-organize. At that time I will figure out if and where we need to move things around and/or find new containers, etc. Right now,  I've done well with repurposing bins and baskets, so I'll be super happy if that continues. I'm all about using what I have.

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  1. I like the fact that each item is small enough to accomplish without feeling like you have to spend most of the day doing it.