Friday, January 11, 2013

I Choose : January + an intro

I have chosen CHOOSE as my One Little Word for 2013. I was very inspired by Elise's I Choose class at Big Picture Scrapbooking to set some goals for myself this year - mostly small and worth sharing here on my little blog, but some bigger but more private ones as well. I decided to combine the two concepts and hope together they keep me motivated through the year to keep plugging along and making good choices.

First I had to ask myself, "choose what?" This is a short list of some examples that were at the top of my head during a New Years Eve braindump session :
I will choose to take care of myself.
I will choose my attitude.
I will choose quality over quantity.
I will choose to clear this house of unnecessary things.
I will choose to limit mindless purchases and activities.
I will choose to be present.
I will choose to let it go.
I will choose how I spend my free time.
I will choose experiences over things.

For now, I'm writing everything down in this journal in my shop. On the first page, I sketched a quick piechart (recommended by Elise in her class but modified to suit my lifestyle and needs) to remind myself of the big areas of my life that I want to focus on. For me, they are :
  • relationships - my marriage, my kids, our parents + siblings, extended family, friends - online + in real life (yes, my internet relationships are very important to me) ;)
  • routine - housework, taking care of the kids, Morgan + her preschool activities
  • creative - scrapbooking + beyond. This may be the year my sewing machine sews cloth and not just paper!
  • job - hmm, first I need to define what my job is, ha. For all intents + purposes, I consider this section anything I am working on and getting paid for - my Etsy + Blurb shops.
  • around the house - purging, organizing + tackling the small unfinished projects as well and a couple big ones, like a new deck and landscaping in the backyard this spring. There may be a honey-do list involved too.
  • health + wellness - I'm lumping pretty much anything personal into this category. Everything from diet + exercise + sleep, to reading the books on my shelves before buying/borrowing more, to taking care of myself (regular haircuts, maintaining a more pulled together appearance...) 
In the pages of the journal that follow, I gave each category a couple of pages so I can write in ideas or goals as I think of them. The 'creative' list is definitely the longest at this point. After that, there is a lot of room left for those days when I have a lot on my mind, or am overwhelmed and just need to jot some thoughts down.

In the back half, I've given myself one two-page spread per month to write notes and reminders. For example, in May I want to plan the kids (June) birthday party. In September, Morgan starts kindergarten (oh my!), so we'll be preparing for that at the end of the summer. For November I've already written down "make or buy Christmas cards" because I was an epic fail at that last year. No waiting until the last minute.
It's a year at a glance of sorts - so I remember how and when I should be breaking down tasks for the bigger projects before they sneak up on me. My mommy brain has admittedly turned to mush in the last couple years and as organized as I may sound, I have to write.everything.down. Seriously. This is what works for me.

At the beginning of each month I will review my list of big projects as well as my master idea lists from the categories above and choose how I want to spend that month. I'm hoping to pick at least one from each group, to maintain balance, but am leaving that fairly open especially during busy (or lazy summer) months. Here is a glimpse at what I'm choosing for January. I likely won't be sharing my relationships or job goals here - mostly for privacy sake for me and boredom sake for you.
I haven't decided yet how I'm going to formally document this project, but I've been dreaming up a plan to make a mini album full of quotes and goals and my progress throughout the year, in a very loose, 'when the mood strikes' kind of way. Lots of 'stuff' and a few photos too.

I'll share more details about my first goal next week. Have a great weekend!


  1. I love this!!! What a great way to stay true to the word.

  2. It's always encouraging and inspiring to see people live so intentionally. Love how you are really focussing in on your life and choosing how to live it.

  3. Choose is my word for 2013, too! I'm not a fan of water either.

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