Wednesday, January 9, 2013


time : 9:41am
location : on the living room couch
eating : a banana
watching : Team Umizoomi
fighting : the crud that has invaded my body. Morgan + Parker had fevers last week. Mark got hit a few days ago and now me. I think today is a good day to spend on the couch, being lazy, snuggled under blankets, watching movies with the kiddos. No mother-of-the-day awards for me today.

loving : the sunshine streaming through the windows this morning.

not loving : the forecast as calling for temps in the 60's this week. I hate extreme weather changes in a short amount of time. And it is winter, right?

looking : for a way to blog more regularly. I have 5 posts in draft mode plus lots of 'doing' doesn't leave much time for writing about it. I hope to find a solution to that someday.
relieved : my December Daily is complete. It's on my list to photograph and blog it. She is a chunker + I like it!

collecting : quotes for my One Little Word album.
wrapping up : my Project Life process for the Day by Day class at Studio Calico. This has been my favorite part! I love reading about how other people work and am always looking for new ideas to improve my own system and productivity.

purging + sorting + organizing + selling : especially the old toys so we can find new homes for Santa's haul.

looking forward : to resuming our monthly crops with my mom and sister.

inspired by the lovely Tina Aszmus currents series.


  1. well, look at you blogging when you feel like crud!
    I always love your lists! :)
    I hope to continue to purge and work on my organization this year.
    Feel better soon, friend!!! xoxo

  2. Amazing what you can get done from the lounge when you are feeling sick ! Take care of yourself.

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon! Love that you call your DD "she".

  4. Feel better Nicole! Can't wait to see your completed DD!