Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Project Life : Week 46

Week 46 : November 12-18

This week : was Mark's birthday. Morgan had her first preschool field trip. Lots of talk about Thanksgiving and fall favorites like pomagranates. Mark and I had a date night / birthday dinner. Morgan got her hair fixed after she chopped off a hunk the weekend before and we started making Christmas wish lists.

This may possibly be my favorite layout of the year. I love how it came together (thanks to the unified look that comes from a kit). The majority of the 'stuff' is from Studio Calico's Sock Hop card kit. Also something worth noting is that I didn't rush myself this week to just get it done. Yes, I have those weeks where I don't really want to work on it, but I don't want to get behind either. On Monday when I was working on this spread, I didn't finish in my usual 2-3 hours. But I felt okay with that. I really enjoyed playing this week so I finished it up on Tuesday during Parker's nap. No rushing, no guilt, no shoulda, woulda, coulda. Just enjoying the process. And that is a great feeling.

And with that, here it is. Lots of photos and closeups too. I also added product links at the end of this post. I know some of you appreciate that. :)

Full spread :
Left side :
This 'column' was focused on Mark's birthday. And it was all about the cake. :)
This clothing tag is actually a good month old and I recently found it again so I just slipped it in this week's spread. 
Morgan's first field trip :
Right side :
Totally unstaged, I got this photo of the kids last week. Love it!!
I tried a flip-up for the first time, inspired by an awesome Instagram friend. I got a before and after shot of Morgan and her hair for the front :
And then on the inside I added some journaling to the top flap and photos from her salon trip on the bottom :
iPhone weather screenshot (I like adding these every once in a while) and Morgan's awesome explanation of how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. I found this on a turkey project in Morgan's backpack and rewrote it for Project Life. I'll add the actual version to her school Project Life album.
Photos of me and my little buddy after dropping Morgan off at school. I used one of the stamps in the card kit and repeated it on the bottom of the 4x6 card as a mini journaling block to write in a few things I'm thankful for :
The veneer feather was dipped in Sunshine Mister Huey's :
On the left is the receipt from our date night dinner. And notes from our weekend on the right :
I also added a small envelope page to hold Mark's birthday cards, a business card and some of Morgan's artwork :
And that was our week! Thank you so much for looking. Just 6 more weeks until 2013. Anyone jumping on the Project Life bandwagon next year? Or plan on doing it again?

Project Life has become my preferred method of scrapbooking. If you are not familiar with Project Life, click here. If you are new to Project Life, I shared what I learned during my first month here. And, all of my 2012 Project Life posts can be found here

Products used this week :


  1. I love this week spread. I was wondering, I have a subscription to SC kit club and I am thinking of cancelling it and going with the card kit. Which do you like better if you have gotten both before.

    1. I have gotten both and if you are solely using it for Project Life, I like the card kit more for a couple reasons. The smaller scale patterned paper is nice and the small alpha is a little more PL appropriate. I've found the stamps are versatile too. Have you thought about subbing to their Project Life kit? I'm still on the fence about switching. So many options! :)

    2. Nichole, I have subbed for the Project Life kit since next year I am going to do it without buying a core kit. (Maybe. Seafoam is tempting) Thank you for the reply and I think I will change to Card kit since I don't scrap layouts anymore. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Lots of awesomeness in here! Love that flip up card for the haircut! Need to remember that! Love how you are using the kit, it looks great. Need to put mine to work better too!

  3. I wanted to do PL. But I don't have a life. I go to work, where I can't take pictures, and I go home. I rarely see my friends to document that. I don't have kids or a significant other. So I haven't been able to see a way to make PL work for me. But I love seeing yours.

  4. I love this, and of course I love the flip up. Awesome job my friend and thanks for the link up!

  5. hello! i found project life 2012 round up post via pinterest & have been reading through all the links. so helpful & am motivated for 2013 ( i only lasted a few months into 2012 :( anyways i read that you are doing school versions of project life? would love to see how you made those albums. do you have links to those? that is if you posted anything about them. if not no worries! thanks!

    1. Thank you Merinda! I haven't started my daughters school album yet. I was actually planning on choosing and buying one of Becky Higgins childhood kits this week so I can get started on it. As soon as I get something tangible completed, I will absolutely share on the blog. :)