Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Project Life : closing album two + opening album three

Another Project Life post this week, sort of.

I have my third album of the year about halfway full and finally made some time this afternoon to tackle the closing page to album two and an opening page for this final album. Wrapping up lots of loose ends around here, I tell ya.

Here is the closing page for album two :
I love this page so much. It's a mix of goodies from my own stash and the Roller Rink card kit from Studio Calico (which I got an awesome deal on as a partial kit).

Who doesn't love a potty people family?
'and the story continues' seemed like a good way to transition to album three :
More veneers + an enamel dot in the center :
The 'so super important' card is from a Smash pad. The '20' + '12' flair is from Ormolu :
And here is the opening page to album three. If you were around at the beginning of the year when I made my original title page, at the time I thought I'd be filling two albums, so I made two of these 6x12 album intro pages. Well, in April I realized that wasn't going to happen so I ended up making three new intro pages, one for each album. It's a smidge different, but I think I like it more :
Here's a close-up of that journaling card :
And the opening page. I need to reprint Parker's photo - it's way too dark.
Again, pieces of my own stash + the Roller Rink card kit. Love those 6x6 paper pads so much for Project Life! I plan on using my future card kits for my weekly layouts in hopes of some consistency with colors and patterns. I am really looking forward to seeing the new Project Life kits roll out too. I haven't committed to that one yet since I just subscribed to the card kit. One thing at a time. :)

Super cute speech bubble paper that I had to fill with something. I used Tina's currents stamp and wrote in a few basic things that were going on with us at the beginning of September :
One of my stamps + staz-on + wide ledger washi = awesome! No. 3 (for third album) tag from bananafishstudio.
More Ormolu flair and an adorable number clip on a mini kraft bag.
Yeah, so happy those pages are done. Thanks so much for checking it out!


  1. I love this! I've started the end page to my Volume 2, but once I saw yours I knew it needed something else. I'm going to use some of your embellishment inspiration and finish mine up. :)

  2. Love what you did with the speech bubble paper !

  3. I was looking for inspiration on closing pages and found yours - love it! Thank you so much for sharing!