Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Life : Week 43

Week 43 : October 22-28

This week : we had a blast of really nice weather. A fall festival at Morgan's preschool. We went to a Halloween event at our zoo and picked pumpkins as a family. The Tigers lost to the Giants in the World Series. Boo.

Sorry for the less-than-great photos this week. My camera battery was dead so I had to use my phone before the sun went down.

Full spread (click on photos to enlarge) :
Left side : 
My fantastic napper has just recently started to try to fight me on it.
These wood veneer speech bubbles are so fun. I misted the one below first below adding it to my photo :
We had a couple days of abnormally warm weather, which means popsicles in this house. The calendar in the background is a freebie from Erica Hernandez for Two Peas.
Right side :
I still continue to be drawn to tags and simple embellishments. Trying to make sure I tell the story as well in the space I'm given :
Morgan's jack 'o lantern design (you know, so Daddy would know how to carve it) :
I slipped these red leaves in the pocket last week (you may have seen them if you follow me on Instagram) and they have already started to turn. I didn't do anything to them to try to maintain their color, so this is a bit of a science experiment too. The Fall 2012 was a badge Marcy included with my order and I adhered it on the outside of page protector. Note to Self stamp is here. White chalk ink is here (love it on kraft!) :
These two photos are from the Zoo Boo. They go together so I linked them with the circle Ormolu tag, added the 'zoo boo' title and trimmed the photos apart to separate them into their pockets :
I added a simple photo-heavy insert this week using the 4x4 page protectors (Design I) from our first pumpkin picking. Mark found a farm not too far away where we could pick our own pumpkins and go on a hay ride. Despite the cold and wind, we had a great time. Definitely a new tradition to continue. This is the front :
Because I can't add an insert without a tab. Geotag stamp from Kelly Purkey :
And the back :
I need to add another insert about the Tigers and the World Series. We have the current Sports Illustrated issue with Miguel Cabrera (Triple Crown winner) on the cover so I'm going to slip the whole magazine in a page protector and just add a tag about the Tigers loss this weekend. Might be a fun piece of history for our future sports lovers.

This week I am linked up to The Mom Creative.
Thank you so much for peeking into my week!

Project Life has become my preferred method of scrapbooking. If you are not familiar with Project Life, click here. If you are new to Project Life, I shared what I learned during my first month here. And, all of my 2012 Project Life posts can be found here.


  1. Whoa! What's the deal with the step mother quote? I didn't know she knew what a step mother was. (or is she referring to Cinderella?)

  2. Yes, Cinderella. And Snow White. She hasn't even seen Cinderella yet! All she thinks is stepmothers are mean and bossy and she didn't like that I was 'telling her what to do." Oy!

  3. Great layout and insert. Love the pumpkin drawing/instructions. Too cute.

  4. Fun pages! I like the tabs on the inserts!