Thursday, October 11, 2012

One Little Word : LESS : October

The October prompt for One Little Word was similar to February, where we needed to find photos that made us think about our word. Rather than take completely new photos just for this assignment, I looked through iPhoto at the ones I've already taken the last 8 months. Photos that reminded me of less, or in most cases, reminded me of how I'm trying to be better and do better.
I choose 12 photos and sized them down to 2"x2" to fit on two 4x6 pages. Just like in February, I added a piece of Hambly Clearly Heavy Overlay between the two page spread. This time, I handwrote some key words, positive key words that are on my mind, with a white Sharpie poster paint pen.
My list included savor, sit, love, observe, adore, choose, move, create, enjoy, inspire, breathe, exhale. At the top and bottom of the list, I added a My Minds Eye enamel dot (which I am completely addicted to).
Simple and done. With two months left to go, my mini is stuffed. I won't be adding anymore papers (which is a good thing) and will probably keep the writing light. November's prompt will be a good time to reflect and add some notes to my book.
Some parting thoughts for October : Right now, I'm feeling a bit over my word. A little less-ed out you could say. It's somewhat exhausting and discouraging living with the daily reminder of what I'm trying to take away from my life (clutter, distractions, weight) and thus what I'm failing horribly at. Maybe less was a bad word? Hmm. Instead, I've been thinking much more about positive, encouraging ways I can live a better life and still enjoy the things that are important to me.

Although I have a word for 2013 on my mind, I'm not sure to what capacity I'm going to use it next year. Ali has mentioned that there will be another class but with some different prompts - so that is always an option - but right now I think I may go another route. There's still plenty of time to decide...

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