Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Life : Week 36

Week 36 : September 3-9

This week : was the end of Labor Day weekend. We spent one last summer day at the beach and Mark ended up breaking his toe! Much of the week was spent making sure Morgan had everything she needs for preschool. That included a parent-only curriculum night for me and a meet-the-teacher open house for Morgan. I stayed busy preparing for a shop update (new stamps, yeah!) and we had our concrete patio removed (messy demo!).

And I am incredibly geeked to announce that I am the Project Life Special Guest at Elle's Studio this month!!! You may have heard me gasp last month when I saw an email in my inbox about it. Super exciting and I had so much fun using bits of Elle's new products, including The Sweet Life. The post is up today and you can read it here. I also did a fun interview + there is a giveaway for some of my favorite Elle's Studio products. Check it out!

Full spread : (click images to enlarge)
Left side :
It's hard to take a glamorous photo of a broken toe :
I couldn't forget to get an in-progress photo of the patio demo. I'm sure not going to miss that noise, but the kids loved supervising from the other side of the glass :
I had two inserts this week. The first is a collection of the photos I'd taken of Morgan's practice school lunches, using a Design I (for 4" square photos) page protector. I've been trying to mix in some new foods with her favorites and all in all, she's been awesome about it. Not only did I want to make sure I was packing enough food for her, but that she knew how to open her lunch bag and the LunchBot box inside on her own. Here is the front :
I added a file tab on the edge that says bento fun on the front, and our pre-school trial runs on the back. Here is the back of the insert, three more lunches. Simple, simple :
Insert two is details that Mark left for the concrete contractor. Gotta love having an architect in the house :)
And more on the back :
Right side :
This might be my favorite photo this week. I cropped the photo down to fit on an Elle's Studio journaling tag and wrote "The journalist (Parker), the princess (Morgan) and the very expensive mirror (our TV) in white Sharpie right on the photo :
Doing certain things for the kids has always seemed kind of automatic. Until they say they don't want your help, and want to do it themselves. Sigh. This girl actually started preschool today :
Closeups of a couple of my favorite 3x4 pockets :
As always, thank you so much for looking! This week I'm linked up to The Mom Creative. Check out Jessica's post for more Project Life inspiration! If I forgot something or you'd like more details, just ask.

Project Life has become my preferred method of scrapbooking. If you are not familiar with Project Life, click here. If you are new to Project Life, I shared what I learned during my first month here. And all of my 2012 Project Life posts can be found here.

Products used this week :


  1. Love the lunch insert, great idea! Just saw your post on Elle's Studio and commented on there too lol. Thanks for sharing your week.

  2. Really great week of project life with so many fun details! Love the lunches and the way you wrote on your photo in white.

  3. Oh my gosh - those lunches are so fun! Love the white writing on the TV photo and CONGRATS on the Elle guest gig!

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    woo hoo!! :)

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  6. Congrats!! I LOVE the school lunch insert! What a fabulous idea!

  7. Congrats! :) Love the photo with the white sharpie writing.

  8. I love the pages. They are so well thought out. The lunches are amazing, I have to give the white sharpie a try, and I'm not going to share how jealous I am about your live in architect! :) I could use one of those!!

  9. Love your spread! I was getting ready to ask you what font you used on the TV when you said it was your own. You chould package that up it is fabulous!

  10. I did not know Parker didn't care for slides. I, too, love how you write on your photos with the white pen. (Awesome pic with the expensive mirror. :) )

  11. great layout and I love the lunch box inserts - also a great way to keep track of ideas to come back to at a later point :)