Monday, September 24, 2012

less + slowing down

Last week I got stuck in one of those uncomfortable spots where I just didn't want to do anything. I had grand plans to work on and finish a couple projects that have been lingering around here, but instead I was unmotivated to move. I was feeling very blah (to put it lightly) and slipped into a funk where I started comparing myself to everyone else. Other Project Lifers, other Etsy shop owners, other mothers, on and on. And man, that funk just sucks.
Within the next 24 hours I started to get sick - stuffy head, extremely tired and achy. "Well even if I wanted to, I'm certainly not going to get anything done feeling like this" I thought. So instead of pushing myself to do anything significant, I did nothing. I went to bed at a decent time. I vegged on the couch (which Mark will vouch for never happens). I drank lots of tea and zoned out. And I tried to remind myself that this too shall pass. The congestion and the feelings of not good enough.

I am a champion list maker. I crave crossing things off my list daily and am always looking to see what I can tackle next. Doing nothing really isn't a part of my vocabulary so while I knew in my mind (and on paper) what my goals were for last week, I just wasn't feeling it at all. The must-do's eventually got done. But a lot got rolled over into this weeks list. Some I erased completely.

When I wrote out this week's list, I actually made a "could do if I feel like it" list as well. The not-that-important stuff that I need to do at some point, but this week I'm giving myself permission to not feel obligated to cross it off.

And as far as the comparison game goes, well, I'm still working on that. Sometimes it's not as simple as just stepping away from the computer or putting the phone down. For me, doing something completely different than I'm used to (like sitting and doing nothing) and getting away from that 'scene' that brought on the funk is helpful. It might be for a day, it might be for a week. This time, I think just acknowledging and accepting that I wasn't feeling good enough helped me get over it a little quicker than usual. And now I can start this week with fresh eyes and ideas. I can appreciate other people's strengths and focus on what I can do well.


  1. I do the same comparing game - don't we all? My husband found this quite that has helped:
    The reason people are insecure is that they are comparing their own behind the scenes footage with everyone else's highlight reel.

  2. We all do it. We all slip into the funk. The key is to not let it overwhelm you.
    SO ironic to me that you posted this...I feel this way a lot and you are in my top 3 people I wish I was as good as!

  3. Nichole-that green container you have looks perfect for all the cardstock stickers, odds & ends I have...I love it!!

  4. nicole- i totally get it and have been there. sometimes rest is the best remedy. toally inspried by you! xo

  5. here's to some rest, a new perspective & focusing on what you do GREAT! xo

  6. Wow, wonderful post. Not that you are not feeling good and had the blahs and comparison stuff going on, but that you were able to blog about and acknowledge it. I'm feeling the same way. Haven't gotten sick yet, but am def. feeling the comparison game fatigue.