Thursday, September 13, 2012

I have a preschooler

Tuesday was Morgan's first day of preschool.
The day started a little later than I was planning as Morgan slept in as late as I'd let her (she is normally the first one up). She showed up in our room in the middle of the night, so I'm guessing she didn't sleep well. After breakfast, brushing her teeth and getting dressed, both my sister and brother-in-law called her to wish her a happy first day of school, which I thought was awesome + very thoughtful. She loved talking to them.
Around 8am we took a few photos in the driveway. Of course Parker had to be in some too. He just loves his big sister! Shortly after, the four of us drove to Morgan's new school, which is only 5 minutes away.
The drop-off went smoothly. Morgan put all of her things where they belonged - her lunch, snacks, coat and backpack, and her nap blanket. She washed her hands, put her name tag on the attendance board and found a puzzle to play with while the other students got situated. When my eyes began to well up I knew it was time to leave. I kissed Morgan on the head, told her I loved her and I'd be back that afternoon, and bolted. No tears, no 'don't go's, nothing. I even turned back once as I walked out the door, to get a peek at her one more time. Ugh. That was tough. Mark, Parker + I walked out of the building and I tried to get on with my day.

Parker + I spent a couple of hours running errands and then went back home to play a bit and have lunch. Parker was a lot quieter than I thought he'd be, just him + me. He did not like that we were leaving Morgan at school. Parker called for her, asked for her, several times that morning and once we got home, he looked for her briefly before I got him occupied with some Hot Wheels. Lunch was really hard for me, for whatever reason, but once Parker went down for his nap, I kept busy all afternoon, checking the clock every once in a while trying not to count the minutes until it was time to wake him up and pick Morgan up.

When Morgan came out of the classroom she ran to us and the first things she said were, "I love school and my favorite friend is Rose!" Awesome. :) The teacher said the day went very well and there were no tears from any of the kids. Once we got in the car we went downtown to get ice cream sundaes and sat outside as Morgan told me about her day. She sang an adorable new song / story called Pete the Cat and she got to pet a bearded lizard. She told me she didn't nap (not surprising) but she did eat all of her lunch (yeah). Being apart for 7 hours and she looked so much older to me. Little stinker.
Later that afternoon, my mom talked to Morgan on the phone and I overheard her tell Grandma, "at first I was nervous about Mommy leaving, but it wasn't so bad. My teacher took good care of me!" Morgan repeated everything to Daddy when he got home from work and just before 7pm, she announced that she was tired. I'd say the day was a success.
Today was fantastic too. Her teacher said she's got a really great group of kids in this class. And we couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I'm feeling very grateful for how well this transition has gone so far.

And thank you for all the kind comments from my post on Sunday. I totally wasn't expecting that, but I really really appreciate it. I'm feeling 1000x better now. :)


  1. Glad it was a successful day for her ....& you. So nice that Parker loves her so much. Even after two years of kindy and big school this year , if one is home our boys start (around 3 hrs b4) asking when the other will be picked up . Then they do a very slow motion run towards each other calling their names and ends in a big hug! Sounds like your two will be the same.

  2. So sweet that P missed her! Im glad to hear her first few days went well!! I can only imagine how hard it is for you as a momma but from what I can tell, you're doing a great job with it!!

  3. Awesome! So glad to hear the details. Cute about Parker too. He loves his big sis!

  4. So glad everything went well! (it usually does, right? it's so much more us" than "them") You'll get used to it...and, even, look forward to it ;)

  5. So glad everything is going so well! I'm sure Parker is going to feel a little lost for a while, he's been her shadow since he could move around.