Sunday, August 12, 2012

my less list : no 20

I'm feeling like a less list this week. Whatcha say?
  1. I want to make some diet changes but apparently they aren't going to happen on their own. I need to start taking some initiative and responsibility for the food I've been bringing into this house and eating. First start is breakfast. I bought the ingredients to try this green monster smoothie and I'm going to give it a go this week. I'm in a big breakfast rut for myself and I've heard nothing but good things about these drinks. It's worth a shot. Concensus : I didn't love this recipe. It's super healthy and the spinach is hardly noticable, but I'm not a fan of the almond milk. I think I can customize it on my own though.
  2. School shopping with Morgan. Her and I actually have a girls day planned this coming weekend (don't tell her how excited I am!), and while we have most of her fall clothes ready - I want her to pick out some fun new shoes + a lunchbox. I'm 100% sure it will have Disney princesses on it and that's okay. It's her lunchbox, not mine, and I need to remember that. :) We are going to play 'lunch at school' here at home in the coming weeks so I know she can open everything on her own, she knows what to expect as far as food we can pack (like no peanut butter) and try some newer foods, and I can learn portion control with how much food she can/wants to eat in x amount of time. I'm hoping with a little bit of planning that this part of going to school is a fun transition. Shopping is done + playing school lunch at home has been okay. Experimenting with new foods has been the toughest part.
  3. Say no and don't feel bad about it. I found myself saying no a lot this past week. It makes me cringe a bit because I like to make people happy. I think most people do. I tend to delay responses to others if I know it's not going to be what they want to hear and I feel so bad. But, while talking to Mark over the weekend, I realized, "I'm not going to please everyone, am I?" Truth be told, I could potentially be a very unhappy person if I was worried about making sure everyone else is satisfied. Ugh, that kind of hurts to write and I hope you know what I mean... This is going well but I find I need to say no to myself as well. And prioritize better. Not everything on my to-do list is a priority. Often the most important things are not on the list at all.
  4. I want to finish this book + start a new one so I stay off the computer / internet at night. I finished The Gifts of Imperfection (highly recommended and it's on my books to re-read list) but haven't started a new book yet.
  5. Treat myself to a little me time with an at-home pedi. Easy and done. My little girl even joined me and that made it 100 times more awesome.
On the spending front, I've been doing really well. Any money I've spent (which is less than $20) has been from gift cards, and I haven't been to my favorite money hole, Target, all month. I've been more conscious about using food we have in our pantry and refrigerator and not over-buying. I made a nice chunk of change at my LSS's garage sale (not quite my goal) but don't plan on using it until later this fall. Plus, I made a little spending money last week from some Craigslist sales and by winning 2nd place in a dessert contest at Mark's company picnic over the weekend. FYI : I made these Rolo cookies and they are fab!  Even though I consider it 'free money', I don't have any plans for it yet. :)

Each week I write a short list, no more than 5 items long, of simple tasks that I want to complete during that week. Small things, not huge projects, that I can easily do in the span of 7 days. Things that will keep me focused + help me keep my eyes open to the big picture. You can read more about my One Little Word, less, why I chose it + how I'm documenting it in 2012 here. You can read all of my (now updated) less lists here.


  1. I have to admit, I too have a hard time with the perception/reception of "no" but it really is a good habit! You really aren't going to please everybody. And don't worry about Target - I've more than made up for your absence at the check-out - eek!

  2. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest and read that you're from Michigan. Pretty much just down the street, actually! I live in Farmington Hills, so hi, blog neighbor!

  3. LOVE this post!! I, too, have felt guilty saying "no" to my girls the past couple of weeks with school starting back up,but I do realize how frivolous I've been in the past with purchases. And that realization makes saying "no" not so bad ;)

  4. Great post! I love reading your "less lists," they are very inspiring and always make me think about what I could be doing less. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. #3 is so me. I think you're right...we all worry about disappointing people. Weirdly enough, I admire people that tell me no once in awhile!

    And I'm so bad about breakfast. I keep thinking about doing a green smoothie each morning because the less I have to think about something, the easier it is to put it on auto pilot. Good luck (and have fun on your girls' day!)