Friday, June 29, 2012

One Little Word : LESS : June

The creative prompt this month gave me time to think and reflect. If you are following Ali's guidelines, our assignment was to make small baseball-card-sized canvases to paint and get crafty on. (You can see my June prompt from last year here if you have no idea what I'm talking about.) Because I'm documenting my word in a mini book, I had to paint my 'canvases' a little differently. I did make one really simple one inside my mini, but also used a 12 x 12 canvas I bought earlier this year. I didn't know how it would turn out, but now that I've let it sit (and displayed it), I'm okay with it.
Starting with less, I began thinking about what I wanted less of. Why did I choose less as my word? As I was stamping along, I wasn't sure if I was completely happy with what I was doing. But I kept going anyway. In the end, I know it's the words that are the reminder - not the uneven stamping job, the imperfect colors, the fact that 'distraction' didn't fit (ironic, huh?). It is what it is.
I don't have a ton of wall space in my scrap room so I put the canvas up on a shelf above where I keep some of my stamps, inks + mists. It's where I've been displaying my other less related prints and although it's partially concealed, it's there nonetheless.
And now a peek into what I did in my mini for June. This is where I left off in May :
Loved that saying on the left side that a friend retweeted a few weeks ago. I need to look back and add a source to it.
One of the pages in the mini is a Hambly transparency. I used the negative from a Silhouette word bubble cut to frame "Now what?" in Thickers. On the next page, I journaled a bit but because of the pattern on the transparency, you can't completely read it until you turn the page :
While I enjoyed this artsy / get messy prompt for June, I see my mini turning more into a journal to collect thoughts and quotes. With life in general, I've been craving more reading + writing. More reflection. I like to go back and read that stuff - one week, one month, one year later. To see what's changed and what's stayed the same. What was easy? What was hard (or is still hard?) What was wishful thinking? What do I need to just let go of? I looked at last year's album this week and remember October being an awesome writing month too. Looking forward to that. Perhaps I need to go in search of some writing prompts to use. Your suggestions are always welcome. 

We're half-way through 2012. How has your word be treating you?

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