Thursday, May 3, 2012

so many ideas, so little time

FYI : all of the stamps have been restocked in the shop!

Last year when I was coming up with a design for my little scrap space in our guest bedroom, I knew I wanted to incorporate a way to keep track of all of those scrapbooking + craft project ideas I have brewing in my head (and on paper, and on Pinterest). Not just a master list, but sort of a "what's next?" for those moments when I want to work on something, but don't want to spend 20 minutes shuffling supplies around. In the past, I used to be able to quickly recall some ideas I had, or knew what I wanted to play with next. Maybe it's mommy-brain, but I find I need to write it all down now.
Under the two IKEA wall shelves, I have 5 L-shaped hooks in the wall to hang a bull dog clip + a Project Life grid journaling card. These cards are so versatile! On each card, I write one project - whether it's in the beginning stages or it needs to be finished/bound/printed/journaled/whatever. It could be something completely new, like a layout idea, or something recurring, like the monthly One Little Word prompts.
A couple weeks ago, I pulled the cards down and started fresh. I filled out five new cards - mostly for projects that needed to be finished, like a minibook and a couple of Project Life insert pages. I use a shallow ITSO tray in the cabinet below my countertop to keep these unfinished projects. I've also used Cropper Hopper Page Planners in the past and those work well too.

Tuesday was one of those situations when this little system came in handy. Parker was due to wake from his nap in the next 30 minutes + Morgan wanted to play a game on Nick Jr's website, on my computer. Fine by me. So I worked on cleaning up my Project Life mess that had accumulated over the last couple days and scanned those cards hanging on the wall. I decided to finish a page I started a few weeks ago, a Project Life insert from my nephews' first birthday party. That night after the kids were in bed, Mark was working late so I moseyed over to my favorite place and assembled and bound the minibook I made in Kelly Purkey's class last weekend. Now I just need to fill it with photos. That day I wrapped up three unfinished projects, and that's a pretty good feeling!
I do keep a master list in a notebook near my computer too. Everything from classes I want to take (like Ali's Storyology self-paced class), to layouts that I want to make based on blog posts I've written (usually about our family or the kids), to albums that need to be finished (Morgan + Parker's first year albums are missing a family tree layout that is not complete). If I don't have an immediate thought as to what to write on my cards, I refer to the list. Working on Project Life every week consumes most of the free time I have to scrapbook, but now that I've found a process + a flow that is working for me, I'd like to spend some more time making actual layouts again. And it is a goal of mine to finish what I've started - and not have half a dozen layouts laying around, undone. Crazy, huh?

How do you keep track of the scrapbook + craft projects you want to work on?


  1. I have the same problem(s). Too many projects. Too little time.

    Sadly, I have NO system for remembering the projects besides having them on my desk right in front of me or slightly off to the side. :) I love your card method!!

  2. What an awesome system. Thanks for sharing. Jane

  3. I am in great need of some sort of kick-start creative system. Will have to give this some thought! Thanks!