Monday, April 16, 2012

spring cleaning my mind

This past week has been all sorts of awesome. Extra fun and full of great friends and family. Near and far, I connected with people very close to me almost every day of the last 9. This led to very little time at home (which is not a bad thing for a stay-at-home mom) but for some reason I thought I was going to get most of my regular everyday stuff done too. Not a chance. I use an app on my iPhone called TeuxDeux to keep track of what I need to do each day and one thing I love about it is that if you don't 'check off' something from the day(s) before, it automatically moves it to the next day. Imagine my shock (and mini anxiety attack) on Saturday night when I opened the app for the first time in several days and saw a really long list of 'to-do's' that have rolled over because they didn't get done, day after day, last week. After I freaked for a minute (or an hour), I felt determined to get this stuff done. But that really wasn't realistic. Instead, on Sunday I deleted them all and spent much of the morning doing a brain dump. Writing down every little thing that popped into my head. Things to do, things to buy, errands to run and more. Ahh, a fresh start.
As much as I try to keep my little word, less, on my mind, I still find that focus, my word from last year, is right next to it. Sometimes in front of it. Maybe they kind of work hand in hand. Maybe I just like words where I feel like I'm accomplishing something. I am constantly, daily, asking myself 'is this important?' By deleting all of those un-dones from last week, I cleared my mind and figured if it didn't get done, then it obviously wasn't that important. What was important to me last week was taking advantage of everyone's spring break and spending time with friends and family that we don't get to see as much as I'd like. Not scrubbing our toilets. ;)

So, if you made it through all of that, here are some random thoughts on my mind :

Thank you for the stamp love in my last post! After much thought, I decided to put them in my shop. It seems almost overnight, stamps for Project Life have become as popular as printable journaling cards. I initially designed these stamps for myself because these are prompts that I can see myself using week after week. Honestly, for me, even though I'm Photoshop proficient and LOVE all of the journaling cards out there, stamping one image on a grid journaling card in any color I want, is way easier than printing and cutting out a full sheet of journaling cards. I like simple. And since I have a limited scrappy budget and workspace, I also like inexpensive and space saving. They are red rubber unmounted stamps (cling will be included) that you can use with an acrylic block.  I will have a full post on how to mount the stamps, how to use the stamps and how I store my unmounted stamps at the end of the week. The stamps should be available around the same time!

I've kind of neglected my less list after completing my one little action in March. It wasn't intentional. I'm just working out a way to keep track of the things I want to take care of. Some are more important than others. And because I live for lists and organization, I'm consolidating and prioritizing those ideas into something I can easily refer to when I'm ready for my next mini-project. Except lately, I'm realizing that it takes less time to just choose (and do) a project rather than spending an hour writing a big list. Still working on that one.

If you have been reading my Project Life posts, you know Mark has been working on repairing a leak and re-tiling our master bath. Word is our shower will be back in commission this week! YEAH! I've missed my shower...

I want this new IKEA cart so badly for my scrap room. It would fit perfectly under my counter when I'm not using it. That turquoise color is to die for (but it also comes in a more Mark-friendly gray). :) I added a fourth clipboard to my wall last week and am itching to change out some of my inspiration content.

Have you seen the sneaks for Studio Calico's May kit and add-on's. Oh my love!

Last weekend, my mom, Kristin and I got together for our monthly crop. I got quite a bit done, including a Project Life insert for my nephews first birthday party, adding my Leap Day time capsule contents to a Big Envelope Page :
and I started making an envelope accordion album (I followed the tutorial on Paper Source's website here) to contain the special letters and cards my mom has given me over the years. One of them is a letter my mom wrote to me on my 14th birthday - 20 years ago! I love having them all together now and making the cover was so fun :
Next week Ali Edwards is doing this year's Week in the Life. I'm hoping to thoroughly read her post later today about her design and supplies but I already have some different plans of my own. This year instead of documenting a week in our life as a family, I'm working on creating a minibook for both Morgan and Parker, making the base pages of the mini and then add the photos, etc later. I thought it'd be cool to document what each of their weeks are like at this age and then display it in minibook form. Plus it's helping me kill quite a bit of my old paper stash. That's always a good thing! I got all of the papers trimmed during our crop and you can see a peek of Parkers mini on the left side below :
And one last note, if you purchased a 20 Questions album after last week's shop restock, they will be shipped out by Wednesday. Yay!

Happy Monday all! Here's to a happy and productive week.


  1. Yay!! I'm so excited that you will be offering the stamps in your shop! XO, Vicki

    PS I love that you have a Starbucks and a Pepsi on your workspace in that last photo--hooray for caffeine! : )

  2. I miss your less lists! WTG on the awesome PL stamps!

  3. Thanks ladies! LOL Vicki, I totally noticed that too after I took the picture. Should have staged that photo better. :) It was a highly caffeinated day!

    Rebekah, you are so sweet. The less lists will be back, for sure. Trying to organize my thoughts first. :)

  4. Love your idea to capture what the week is like from their perspective. That will be such a treasure. I am going to try to do A Day in the Life from each of our perspectives. I did mine in Feb and hoping to do one every few months. This got me thinking that I need to do Maggie's day in June! Can't wait to see what you do. And am excited about your stamps! They look great! Stamping on those journaling cards is so therapeutic!