Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project Life : Week 13

Week 13 : March 26-April 1

This week : we didn't do a whole lot out of the ordinary. Took a trip to the library. Played the lottery (who didn't?). Parker started saying I love you. We watched Hugo during an at-home date night. Played a lot and relaxed a lot. My Grandma (mom's mom) passed away one-year ago this week and it was also the weekend before my 34th birthday. My twin nephews 1st birthday party was last weekend too, and I plan to add another insert of just their party. I'll finish that and share it later (this week?)

Left side with insert :
Close-up of the left side :
I was thinking about my mom + Grandma a lot this week, as it had been one year ago that she passed away. I printed my mom's Facebook status and the comments from me, my sister + her nieces (my cousins). It is blurred for the blog, for privacy :
Every morning, Morgan tells Mark the same thing (see left journaling card below) and I finally recorded it this week. So cute! This is awesome stamp is from Studio Calico. On the right, I saved our lottery ticket from last Tuesday (we won $2 from Friday's drawing so we need to keep + redeem that ticket). The chipboard star circle is from bananafishstudio (France is restocking her shop on Wednesday if you want some of her awesome and fast-selling goods!) - links to everything I used this week are at the end of this post :
Pulled out the sewing machine again for a little bit of stitching here and there. The insert in the middle of this week's spread are the coloring pages the kids made at the library. Parker on the front, Morgan on the back :
Right side with insert :
 Close-up of right side :
This photo of Morgan is my favorite from this week. She looks like such a big girl!
We had an awesomely (nice word choice, right?) lazy Sunday. Fire in the fireplace and everyone on the couch with their gadgets. And I'm so proud, Mark set up the camera and took this shot. He's even been saving lots of extras for me to include each week - packaging, receipts, handwritten notes. :) The No. 4 + Love it tags are also from bananafishstudio :
Loved seeing this Maya Angelou quote on Cathy's blog last week. Great post and the quote is so, so true. I created a 4x6 canvas in Photoshop and added my text, deleted the better's and printed on a 4x6 scrap of patterned paper - just as Elise described on her blog here (by the way, this is a fantastic Q+A post if you haven't read it yet). Font is Bebas. Better is handwritten with a fine point Sharpie :
We went out to dinner for my birthday one day early at one of my favorite places. Morgan thought it was 'so silly' we were having breakfast for dinner! :) My baked pancake, called The Big Apple, was HUGE and of course I got excited and didn't take the before picture. The after will have to do. It was delicious! This journaling card was a freebie from the Photo-a-Day class in January at Studio Calico :
Lucky number 13 - done. I hope I remembered all of my product links below. That's always the most lengthy part - recalling what I used. Feel free to leave questions in the comments below if I left something out. :)

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Products I used this week : click the photos for more info


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