Friday, April 20, 2012

new in the shop : stamps, plus how to mount + store them

New in the shop today : unmounted stamps I designed for everyday storytelling, particularly Project Life! This first batch of stamps include prompts that are perfect for stamping in any color you like, on any paper you like. They include :

Week in Review :
Today was... :
Note to Self :
And this adorably tiny and very versatile, Quotation Mark :
As I mentioned the other day, I chose to do unmounted stamps because that is what I tend to prefer due to my own space and budget restrictions. If you've never mounted your own stamp before, it is very simple. I promise! Below are some instructions for how I mount my stamps to use on an acrylic block. Other people may do it differently, this is just what I do. Here's what you'll need :
  • unmounted stamp(s) - I'm using the little quotation mark in this tutorial
  • EZ Mount cling (which I've included a suitable size piece with all of the stamps in the shop)
  • very sharp scissors - don't skimp here and grab your kitchen shears. I know there are scissors out there specifically for trimming down stamps, but I use EK Success Honeybee Scissors with great success. They are so sharp they come with a protective safety cover over the blades. Love them.
  • an acrylic block
  • inkpad(s) and possibly stamp cleaner
  • a old CD case
Forgive the condition of my nails. I had just finished giving my little girl a hot pink pedicure. ;)
The EZ Mount foam has adhesive on both sides. One side (the white side below) is what clings to the acrylic block :
The side with the blue text is the side that sticks (permanently) to the rubber stamp :
Grab your scissors and trim your stamp down as close to the image as you can, or as you want. Below is the before (how you would receive your purchased stamp) :
And the after. I trim mine pretty close to prevent getting excess ink on the edges that you don't want to stamp onto your paper. I can be a pretty sloppy stamper :
Next, peel off the paper on the mounting foam on the side that has the blue text :
And stick your trimmed stamp on it. I just put mine right in the middle :
Then use your scissors to trim the extra foam off. Use the edge of your trimmed rubber stamp as a guide :
Teeny tiny. This stamp is only about 1/4" square when it's trimmed :
Then peel off the paper on the other side to reveal the cling that will stick (not permanently) to your acrylic block :
Stick it to your block :
Ink + stamp :
To store my handmade + custom stamps, I just use old CD cases that we have around the house. The black plastic piece that holds the CD in place is easy to pop out. I think we had a bunch from back in the day when we used to burn a lot of CD's. Stick your stamps on, organize them by type and peel them off when you want to use them. Clean, simple and easy to see what you have :
I keep all of my unmounted stamps, custom + store bought, in a small mesh basket, along with a couple of acrylic blocks. A modest, but fun, collection :
And that's all there is to it! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below. Happy stamping and happy weekend!!


  1. your stamps are awesome!! i normally don't use my unmounted rubber stamps much, but maybe i will now!!
    and now i am off to check my happy mail from you!! :)

  2. I just happened to stumble upon your blog, and I have to say, your stamp designs are amazing! I am very much looking forward to your future creations for Project Life (including your layouts, they are awesome!).

    On a side note, I see in one of your photos the Awesome stamp set by SC. I am constantly bummed that I missed out on purchasing that set and Epic.

    Have a great weekend! =)