Friday, April 27, 2012


time : 10:14pm
location : scrap room
eating : nothing
drinking : water
listening : the Sevendust station on Pandora
loving : that our ER visit on Wednesday was a 'better safe than sorry' trip. Parker + his instigator sister = trouble. After a "come on Parker, it's okay" and big jump, his twisted but painful ankle turned out to be just that. No sprains, fractures or broken bones. Morgan LOVED that we were going to the hospital but did not love the wait. That will all be a page in itself in this week's Project Life.
feeling : proud that I didn't buy a single thing, despite all of the awesome new releases, at Studio Calico + Two Peas today. How do you like that for less? Thank you Jen for keeping me out of trouble!
enjoying : Instagram. A lot. It's so fun snapping + sharing pics, liking + commenting. If you are on Instagram, you can follow me at nicolereaves. Leave your username in the comments. I'd love to follow some more like-minded peeps.
wanting : chocolate
needing : a date night with Mark. Bad. Cannot wait for our anniversary dinner tomorrow night.
preparing : for Kelly Purkey's class on Sunday. My tote is packed + I'm geeked about my first class with a scrappy celeb. ;)
hoping : she doesn't enable me to buy anything!
thinking : it is way too cold for the end of May. The high tomorrow is 45 + rain. Awesome.
making : new Silhouette cuts. Next week I hope to replenish my stash with some fresh new colors + designs.

*this post was inspired by Tina's currents series*

And a little shop business :
I have replenished the sold out stamps + listed a new stamp in the shop today - randomness. You may notice that stock is low but I'm listing these stamps nice + slow based on your reactions + how well they sell. When they sell out, I will get more, and I'll be gradually adding more to the mix. ***Updated to add : any stamps that are currently sold out will be restocked by Friday May 4.*** I never would've thought these little guys would make me so happy and I greatly appreciate your response + purchases.

Happy Friday peeps. This has been one looooonnngg week if I do say so myself. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Bummed the randomness stamp is already sold out.. Will you replenish soon?


  2. As much as I want it to be the end of May,we haven't even begun! ;)
    Kelly enabled me to buy a SC stamp set yesterday. I need it. Yeah right.
    Enjoy the class! Wish I could be there.

  3. Wondering if you are getting the randomness and note to self stamp back in and if you could let me know, I would like to order them all at the same time since I live in Canada and would only like to pay shipping once. Let me know thanks, Jodie.

  4. Instagram rocks! I did my first Week in the Life this year ALL on Instagram. Was nice to only use ONE photo form. Follow me! I have very few :(
    Instagram - tunesgirl