Friday, March 16, 2012

Shop Update : 20 Questions Albums

This week I finally received the black and green albums I (and some of you) have been waiting for so I can offer more colors of the 20 Questions books.
My shop will be restocked with all of the colors - pink, red, blue, green + black - on Saturday, March 17 at 11am EST. You will find them in the albums section of the shop.

As I've mentioned before, I believe this will be my last big shop restock of these albums. If you want one in this scrapbook-style album, I wouldn't hesitate too long. Each time I restock the shop (and this will be restock #6 since last November), I try to order a little more (and a little more) in an effort to keep the shop well stocked for more than a couple weeks. People get frustrated that they sell out so quickly and I get that. Please understand that I'm just a one-woman show with the same number of hours in a day as you. The interest in these little books has been way more than I ever thought it would be, which is crazy awesome, and I appreciate it more than you'll even know. The printing, assembling + packaging keep me extremely busy and that has left me with no time to brainstorm more products for the shop. Something I've been aching to work on. On that note, the 20 Questions albums will not be disappearing all together. I've come up with a way to resolve the whole 'sold out' issue. In April, I will let you in on more details of what's to come.

I can't thank you enough for your kind words, your excitement, and of course, your purchases.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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