Monday, March 19, 2012

Project Life : Week 11

Week 11 : March 12-18

This week : We had more beautiful weather, which resulted in several bike rides and a trip to the zoo. My mom came over to visit and I worked on another shop restock of the 20 Questions albums. Mark continued to work on our master bathroom, which has turned into a mild episode of Renovation Realities. I honestly didn't take many photos and I hardly took any notes. But I still managed to have enough stuff to fill up a two page spread and a small insert. This isn't the first week that's happened but it always seems to work out.
And can I just say how funny/cool I think it is that Morgan + Parker love to look at this album. They love seeing themselves, pointing things + people out, remembering this + that. At just 3 + 1, my little ones are enjoying this album too. When I was taking pictures of this week's layout, Morgan asked "Can we see it from the beginning?"

Full spread with insert : click on any photo to enlarge :
Close-up of left side. I LOVE that conversation between Morgan + Parker (on the blue Overheard card). That is the kind of stuff that I love including in this album :
I got a bunch of goodies from bananafishstudio last week and used quite a bit of it this week. The pink ledger circle below is a big favorite :
More Silhouette cuts and sewing. It was in the 70's last week and my goofy kids were playing in their snow gear. Just because :
Front of insert - photos of our trip to the zoo :
The days of the week journaling card is from the Turquoise core kit :
Back of insert - photos from our bike ride + ice cream trip on Wednesday night. I used some Hambly paper, new Dear Lizzy vellum + a milk cap from bananafishstudio. These are my absolute fave :
Oh, and these number flaps rock. I used it as a tab on the insert instead of my usual file tab :
Close-up of right side. I could make an album just of Morgan's daily drawings, writing and proclamations of love :
In the photo below, I used the plastic clip from our bread as ephemera on this journaling card - haha! It had the date on it, I had to save and use it. :) Thursday ended up being a crazy day - lots of good + bad. Our power was out for a couple hours (bad), which led us to McDonald's for lunch (good - I had my first ever shamrock shake. Crazy, right?), I sold Parker's infant cloth diapers to a new mama (good) and Morgan had two potty accidents (bad). I can't remember the last time she's had one, so it was very weird and unexpected.

The blurred card next to it is a screenshot from the iMapMyRide app showing the bike route we took on Wednesday. The bike rub-on (if you can see it) was adorably perfect - some old Basic Grey found in my stash :
Mark attempted to install a waterproof membrane on our shower floor before laying the tile (this coming weekend) and it was a major fail. He was so ticked that it wasn't sticking. Plus, he opened our tile boxes and the guy at the tile shop ordered the wrong color. Awesome. He was pretty stressed out about it. It was a bit like an episode of Renovation Realities. But not quite as dramatic. :) The peach colored "paper" in the pocket below is a piece of that waterproof membrane :
And that's it for Week 11. I used a ton of stuff this week, both new + old. I've included everything I could find online in the links at the bottom of this post.

I am linking up with Kristina at One Happy Mama and Jessica at The Mom Creative.

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  1. Love your layout. 2 things that are too cute--your bread package tag and the snow gear picture!

  2. Love your -PL- layouts!

    Definitely "lifting" your dated bread tag idea for a future -PL- layout of our own! LOVED the up-cycle of it! {smile}

    Sorry your hubby wasn't as successful with the waterproof tile membrane as you were with the GREAT layout! LOVED it!


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  5. cute layouts, Nicole! know what "item" i love most about them?
    your handwriting!! it's super cool and funky! :)

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