Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project Life : Week 10

Week 10 : March 6-March 12

This week : Morgan + I got Parker's tummy bug. Gas costs about $4 a gallon (more for me since my car requires premium - at least I don't fill up much). The weather was beautiful and we finally got to play outside. The kids got some new spring/summer clothes and we signed Morgan up for preschool in the fall. Mark and I are getting into a workout routine. I got my haircut (and thus straightened, which is a big change I usually don't do on my own) and bought my first pair of skinny jeans (woah!). We also went out to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law. So crazy how we need a table for 8 now!

I kept it pretty simple this week, as I was in 'get-it-done' mode last night. No insert, lots of stuff and not many real camera photos. But it's complete, and overall, I like how it turned out.

Complete spread :
Close-up of left side :
The photo of Morgan playing hopscotch in the driveway (top right) has a little bit of her artwork from the week behind it. She drew me a 'rainbow machine' that I wanted to add this week but didn't have room to put it in it's own pocket. So I used it like patterned paper.

My gas receipt. I love when Mark fills my tank for me :)
'details' is a Silhouette cut using the Pacifico font. I'm making a nice dent in my diecut stash. I think it might be time to make more soon. I really love incorporating these :
I took a couple Instagram photos during our day on the couch. Mark took such good care of us (and stayed healthy too!) He even kept a fire in the fireplace to keep the chills away :
Close-up of right side :
Using Liz's photo collage templates again. So awesome for showing a series of photos - it's like a mini story. I wrote on the photo with a blue Sharpie and double stamped the date along the bottom with a date stamp :
The quote card is from a Smash pad. This quote was so very appropriate for me this week - especially after being sick and trying to play 'catch up' with life and other everyday chores. The photo next to it is of my sister and her cute family.
Another Silhouette cut on a screenshot of the weather forecast for the week ahead. 60's? Crazy! And look - I used the sewing machine again! 
Sorry about the crazy sun shadows. The photo below was taken from an Old Navy dressing room. I went in to exchange some flip flops for Parker and left with skinny jeans + a new top for myself. This is so not like me as I normally don't like anything less than flare. But I have some cute new boots that the skinnies look great with. I'm pretty proud of me. (The whole 'Nicki' reference is well-known by people who have known me for a while. Anytime I wear my hair straight, friends/family call me Nicki. It is quite a change and it doesn't happen often.)
This might be my favorite pocket for the week. I made a collage of some of the clothing tags left over from the new clothes the kids and I got this week. I added a file tab to the top and sewed the edges on. I love how it turned out!
Week 10 done and my album is filling up nicely. At this pace, I should easily be able to fit 6 months worth in each scrapbook :
Other stuff from the past week : Becky Higgins shared this video from Tracy on how she used Project Life to scrapbook her family's trip to Disney. I apologize for the redundancy if you've seen it already. It's a great video, but if you don't have time to watch the whole thing (its long), go to about 7:50. It is truly the coolest way to incorporate videos into your albums - absolutely perfect for travel or baby/kids albums. I am totally doing this and this will serve as a reminder to myself. Love love love!!

I have also linked up to The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama.

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  1. i really love how you used artwork as the BACKGROUND for a photo this week. genius. i don't always like to dedicate the entire page to artwork, so i love this concept. beautiful pages, as always. i enjoy looking at your work.

  2. I love that tag collage! And yes, I'm with camilla - the artwork as background looks fantastic.

  3. Really lovely layout! I always love the "extras" people do and like getting ideas like how you included tags from your kids' new spring wardrobe. Really cute idea.

  4. The tags are awesome, and I love the template photo. I am totally copying that!

  5. oh my goodness I love the sewed tags from the clothes...all of your inserts are great! if this is just 'get it done' your other pages have to be FANTASTIC! :) your alter ego made me laugh!


  6. love it all, love the collage of tags from the clothes!

  7. I agree, I love what you did with the clothing tags!

  8. Way to go on all the sewing. I love when Nicki comes out =). Once again, great layout!

  9. Beautiful layout! And love the bit about the skinny jeans, woot woot!!

  10. Fantastic! I love the incluision of labels and that petrol prices!! I admire your use of a sewing machine too!!

  11. LOVE your pages! Sorry you all were sick! LOVE all of the details you included and the bits and pieces on your pages! The clothing tag idea is cool! Love the handwriting you have as well! Hugs!!!