Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Little Word : LESS : February

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Our February prompt in the One Little Word class was to take photos or find photos of things that remind you of your word. You could translate this in a number of ways - literally or figuratively. I tend to go the literal route and I also knew I wanted to use my own pictures versus photos I could find online.

There was some discussion in the message board about what kind of photos you would take for less. Perhaps minimal spaces or organized places. A scale documenting your weight or a pantry full of processed food. The way that I continue to think about my word is that less of one thing means more of another. Less TV, more reading. Less junk, more real food. Less driving, more walking. They seem to go hand in hand and I'm trying to look at my word in a positive way, not just as all of the bad stuff I'm trying to get rid of in my life. P.S. I love having the opportunity to connect with other classmates this way - especially with ladies that have the same word as me.

Since I'm documenting my One Little Word in a 4x6 minibook this year, I had to alter the way that Ali had proposed this prompt to be done. Instead of filling baseball card page protectors with 9 photos of images that remind me of less, I made a collage of 2" x 2" photos. I created a 6" high by 8" wide canvas in Photoshop Elements (which is the size of a full 2-page layout), and pulled in my cropped 2" square photos. I saved the left half for photos that reminded me of less and the right half for the opposite, more.

After printing and trimming down the layout, I cut it in half (so I had 2 4x6 pages) and punched holes to fit in the minibook. I adhered the left side to the back of the last page from January and left the right side loose for now until I figured out what page would follow.

In between the less + more pages, I added one of the Hambly Clearly Heavy pages that can be used as the cover of the minibook. Since I made a different cover for the book, I decided to use them as interior pages. I typed out short words or phrases that went with each photo. Spending / saving. Clutter / order. Junk food / fresh food. Sitting / moving. Screen time / reading books. After cutting them down to size (and making sure that each pair was the same length), I attached the little tags to the transparent page, over its matching photo. As you turn the transparent page, the words change to describe the other set of photos.
On the following page, I printed a 6" x 6" Instagram photo I took of our family while on a walk several weeks ago. A simple photo of just our shadows. A silhouette of less. I've gone back and forth about adding text to the photo but have decided to leave it as is for now.
With the right page being only 2" wide, I added a Paislee Press Round About Now circle accent to the photo, as a little tab. February on one side, March on the other :
I found the flower download on Ali's website. It was part of a little project called Naming Your Petals. She did this several years ago and I was reminded of it again when Lee did it back in January.
It is not One Little Word focused, but I thought adding it to this minibook was as good a place as any. I printed the flower on a piece of 4x6 paper and jotted down what came to mind - some favorite things, what I'm working on, and what is important to me. Right now :
And this is where I am at the beginning of March. I'm looking forward to reading Ali's handout and listening to the new presentation for this month. Last weekend, I looked back at my 2011 album to remember what March's prompt was and I think I already have an idea of how I'm going to tackle this assignment. You can see my March prompt from last year, when my One Little Word was focus, here.

It's not too late to join the One Little Word class! Read more about it and sign up here.
These minibooks are available in my shop here. They are not One Little Word focused and could be used for a number of different projects. In honor of Leap Day, I'm extending a 29% off discount through tonight (Thursday March 1st at 9pm EST) with the coupon code 29LEAP. Offer has expired, thank you!

You can see my other One Little Word posts here.
I wrote about my word less, why I chose it + what I'm hoping it brings me in 2012 here.

Thank you, as always, for looking!


  1. I must try that transparent page! Brilliant :) (And, I love your petals, glad my post served as a reminder!)

  2. The transparent page is sheer genius!! Can't say it enough.

  3. Hi again Nicole!! I just had to pop over from the OLW gallery to check out your album to date! So amazing! Love all the little details and the clear overlay with the words on both sides is outstanding!! Lookss great! Happy March!

  4. Hi Nicole,
    Very cool OLW book. I have yet to do this class but I do keep a word (this year it is "Jump") in the back of my mind! I wanted to let you know that I linked to your Birthday Q&A album on my site today along with some other ideas about documenting kid's birthdays through the years. I see you are also a Project Life fan like me. I think you are a girl after my own heart indeed! I'm new to blogging and am not sure of the protocol to let someone know you linked to them. I credited and linked to your site so think I'm good :) Have a great Friday!