Monday, February 6, 2012

Project Life : Week 05

Week 05 : January 30-February 5

Photos : playing puzzles with Morgan + Parker, a nice clean car post-oil change, Mark + Parker during breakfast Sunday, Morgan making her latest Letter of the Week craft, Parker's Jello face, playing with Grandma Goulding, plus pics from a date night with Mark.

Other Bits : a chai tea envelope, Patagonia tag from my new jacket, a mini version of my important dates print, a quote I referred to almost every day, Mark's facebook status + a personal note to myself about the rollercoaster of a week we had.

Insert : a photoless layout taken from this post + one of Morgan's coloring pages.

This was a bit of a rough week around here. Lots of emotions + crying. Lots of yelling + no's. Lots of meltdowns. Lots of hugs. It was one of those weeks that about midway through I wondered if I was going to have enough happy photos, stories and stuff to fill my layout for the week. Turns out I had more than enough of the good stuff and still made a little bit of room to write about the serious, not-so-good stuff (in a more private/concealed way). There are a lot more photos than words this week, but I think that's okay.

Click any of the photos below to enlarge. Left side with insert :
Close up of left side :
Close up of insert. A photoless layout. Sorry about the nasty glare. Text taken from last Friday's 'currently' blog post. Design inspired by this layout :
Extreme close-up. The 'currently' title block is a Silhouette cut.
Back of insert with right side :
Close up of insert. Apparently this is me. :)
Close up of right side is below. Inside the red stripe chevron bag (which, yes, fits perfectly into a 3x4 slot - I love these!) I wrote on a shipping tag a little bit about last week. Somewhat vaguely, I guess, to someone who didn't know exactly what was going on. In a nutshell, Morgan was very moody + sassy and I wasn't taking it well. I added it to the right side of the layout so it's still relatively easy to take out of the little baggie and read. But it's not out in the open either. I didn't want it to be a downer for the week, but I did feel the need to add it. Not because I wanted to say Morgan was being a big brat, but to write about my own hopes + wishes for dealing with it. With love + understanding + patience. It's not super personal or sappy, but I don't feel the need to share it here at this time :
I loved this facebook status of Mark's this week. And of course the responses from his uncles. ;)
Mark and I got to have a date night on Saturday - hibachi dinner, walking, chatting, visiting a bookstore quietly and without interruption, drinks + dessert. It was lovely! The 'love this' banner below was another Silhouette cut I made and layered on top of a monthly card from Erica Hernandez with some Instragrams from our evening. Then I cut it all in half, rounded the outside corners, and slipped it into two adjacent 3x4 slots :
This was a quote I read over + over last week. I typed it on a 4x6 canvas in Photoshop and just printed it on a piece of photo paper - leaving the 'tomorrow is a new day' line out so I could hand write it in after the print dried. I love how Elise Blaha has been doing this in her own Project Life :
And that's it for Week 05. I have two notes before I close for today. First, one of my new blog readers wrote to me last weekend and asked if I had a "subscribe by email" option. I hadn't, until now. If anyone else is interested, you'll find it in the right sidebar ( over there ---> ) between 'subscribe' and 'my most popular posts.'

Second, I am pretty excited that Ali Edwards is doing a Day in the Life on Wednesday, February 8th. Just like a Week in the Life, you can document it in any way you want. On your blog, as a scrapbook layout, as an insert in your Project Life album. I've already taken out a baseball card page protector and printed some of Ali's Week in the Life Journal Cards - the same cards I used last year. I plan on adding at least one double sided page protector as an insert to Week 6 of Project Life.

I am also linking up this weeks Project Life to The Mom Creative.

If you are not familiar with Project Life, click here. All of my 2012 Project Life posts can be found here.

Products I used this week :


  1. Hi Nicole, am a new reader to your blog thanks to a link via Jenny. Really liked your "Currently" blog post and have done the same on my blog (have linked back to you, hope thats OK) but didn't think of adding it to my PL. Have to agree with hiding some of the journalling and have done that too - its good to tell the good and the bad.

  2. Love it! You are a constant inspiration :)

  3. Love, love, love. Not sure about Wednesday. Absolutely ZERO going on, which I welcome, but would make for a pretty lame day to document! As always looking forward to yours :)

  4. Thank you ladies!

    Vicki, thank you for linking back to me but the idea for my Currently post came from another scrapbooker named Tina Aszmus. Please link back to her as I referred to her blog as my inspiration. Thanks!

  5. I am new here, too...but am LOVING your PL and blog! I really like how you used your Silouhette and the journaling prompts on fantastic!

  6. Another new reader! :) I love that you had Facebook material matched to a photo. I'll have to give that a try.

    Love your Emerson card!

  7. Great idea on posting the facebook status. I need to do that and pinterest! LOL Good for you to included the meltdowns as well. That is part of life!

  8. Loving your pages again this week. That little red chevron bag is adorable!

  9. I really like your photoless layout!

  10. Documenting the not-so-fun stuff is keeping it real. Love all the extras you include.

  11. Love your pages Nicole!! Absolutely LOVE the insert...what a fabulous idea. Also love your chevron bag...perfect!!

    Have a super week!

  12. Just found your blog through a link on Pinterest. Love it and your Project Life pages. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. love your love this banner and currently insert!! great PL spread this week! :) can't wait to see wk 6!

  14. Love this idea for an insert!! Must remember to do this for my album.

  15. This is awesome. I hope you don't mind, but I took your idea for the "currently" page and added it to test out in my bullet journal. Seems awesome! A great way to get a quick glance of the memories created :) Thank you for sharing.

    1. I don't mind at all! That's a great idea. I'm a big bullet journal fan. :)