Monday, February 27, 2012

my less list : no 09

  1. I have a box of artwork and craft projects that Morgan made when she was in daycare. I've already purged it once not long after Parker was born, but I'd like to do it again, and figure out how I want to store it. Keeping it all in a box up in her closet is not where I want to keep this stuff. Fail. I took the box down and briefly went through it. Started to get weepy seeing her little hand prints and photo books. This week we also went to Morgan's preschool open house so maybe I'm in denial about my little girl being not-so-little anymore. Will try again in a few weeks. :)
  2. Purchase storage boxes to consolidate some of the kids toys. Now that everything is purged and organized, I want to make sure it stays that way and looks nice too. Whatever it takes for easy evening cleanup. Done. Easy and now that we've consolidated, we actually have an empty shelf where their toys are stored!
  3. Make a list of products to buy to start making some homemade cleaning supplies. As I run out of some of our staples - like sink and toilet cleaners - I'd like to replenish them with homemade. I've had some great success with a vinegar + water glass cleaner as well as a shower cleaner made with Dawn, vinegar + hot water. Turns out this list wasn't very long at all. I had everything I needed and all I bought was an extra large box of baking soda. Simple enough and I'm excited to continue making my own cleaning products.
  4. Figure out how I can put one of these little art caddies together. Cute, right? A big project I have up my sleeve is to organize our arts + crafts cabinet (I am horrible about not putting things back in there, in a consistent place) but Morgan also has a stash of supplies in my scrapbook room. And about 5 boxes of crayons and markers in various places around the house. She hates cleaning up craft messes. Maybe a cute little tote would make it easier for us to do so. Sort of. I did rearrange some supplies but had second thoughts when I see how much fun Parker likes to empty and toss containers around. He had a blast with this open tote. Need to re-think.
  5. Start doing a little research about composting. I would really really love to start doing this in the spring and I know very little about it. This will be one of the first articles I read. Done. I'm anxious to start doing this in the spring! I'm hoping we can follow through with our plans to build a new deck this summer, so we'll have to see how I can incorporate a compost bin too.
Each week I am going to write a short list, no more than 5 items long, of simple tasks that I want to complete during that week. Small things, not huge projects, that I can easily do in the span of 7 days. Things that will keep me focused + help me keep my eyes open to the big picture. You can read more about my One Little Word, less, why I chose it + how I'm documenting it in 2012 here. You can read all of my (now updated) less lists here.

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