Friday, February 3, 2012


time : 10:53pm
place : living room couch
wearing : jeans + Patagonia better sweater
drinking : hot cocoa + mint chocolate Bailey's
watching : Kristin playing with my nephews. I miss them!
reading : The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown is sitting on my nightstand. A very well-meaning little girl took the bookmark out the other day and I have yet to figure out where I left off. Hoping to sneak in a little more reading this weekend.
feeling : emotional + burnt-out
thinking : that our little family needs to go to Disneyland some day. Especially after reading about my friend Jenny's experience. Her heart + her positive attitude are so inspiring.
creating : Project Life journaling cards on the Silhouette for Valentine's Day/week. After reading Ali's post about her Week 4, I've got a theme up my sleeve.
hoping : for more calm + patience with Morgan. She has grown unusually sassy + defiant this week.
needing : sleep
wondering : what I should blog about. I'd love to know why you visit me, what keeps you coming back + what you'd like me to write about. What can I add to my list of ideas?

Inspired by Tina's currents series.


  1. I love, love this post. A perfect glimpse into your life. Jeff was reading this over my shoulder after I said, "I love this!" and he thought the format was really neat.
    I love the crafty stuff mixed with getting to know people - that's what attracts me to blogs often. I like people who make me feel (laughter, joy, think, or tears). I want to learn from people. I want to hear people's stories. I think that's how I get to know people best.
    But most of all, I come because I like you. :)

  2. I come because I like you too. That your crafty and your kids are adorable are bonuses in my book :)

  3. I love the PL inspiration. I love to see your Pinterest to Reality posts, that has helped me get busy with some of the things that have inspired me most over there! I made 5 Valentine cards from printed off card ideas just yesterday! Here's to a new, fresh week coming up.