Thursday, February 23, 2012


My sister is enjoying a little time away from teaching this week during her school's mid-winter break and I was so excited when she suggested getting together so we could catch up and the kids could play. The cameras were out in full force and Morgan even took over using Aunt Kristin's for a while too. It is pink, you know? These were some of my favorites from our day :
Ellis, Logan + Parker eating breakfast / snack (Parker just had to sit in his portable high chair too!)
Ellis : the cruisin' maniac
Logan checking Morgan out
Morgan trying to figure out how to take a picture on Aunt Kristin's camera. (Yes, she is in costume. This day it was a pantless Foofa)
Kristin + Logan
Logan + Ellis playing with Parker's train : favorite toy of the day!
Logan snuggling on Mommy.
Ellis LOVED pushing Morgan's bike around. He is going to be walking in no time!
Parker spent most of the morning pushing the kitchen chairs around, trying to get into the Timbits box that was on the counter. He clearly really enjoyed that chocolate one!
Our friend Val came over with her new little boy, Delevan. Just two weeks old and he was on his best behavior (read : all he did was sleep). I teased Parker that he was this big when he was conceived. ;) He is super sweet and I tried not to hog him the whole time.
We had such a great visit and it was a nice primer for this weekend. Today, in between assembling albums + making a grocery list, I am packing up my scrapbook supplies for a weekend at my parents. This will be my first overnight / weekend away from Morgan + Parker. Ever. Crazy but true. I'm really looking forward to spending the whole weekend with my mom and sister. Of course, just as all good times do, I'm sure it will fly by.

Shop update : after last weeks 20 Questions album restock, there are only 2 red and 1 pink album remaining. If you think you might like one, grab it now. It is very likely that I will only be doing one more large shop restock in the near future of these albums. With Mark's help, these books are on their way to being produced in a different way - not as a 'scrapbook'. I received my sample today and it is so so cool. Much more on that later!

Have a wonderful weekend! I have grand plans for my crafty weekend and that includes finishing up Week 07 of Project Life and completing my One Little Word February prompt. See you next week!


  1. Great photos!
    I can almost hear all the happy chattering of toddlers. How cool for your kids that they have cousins close in age to grow up with.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. You got some great pictures. I'm gonna have to get those from you!

  3. So excited for your book to be produced/published. I'll be the first in line. Adorable photos - love seeing your family.
    Have an absolute blast this weekend!