Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project Life : Week 02

Week 02 : January 09-15

Photos : playing Legos with Morgan + Parker, a happy hour sangria, my little princess + biggest helper, a fluke surprise from my big boy, the best way to end a weekend, unloading a car full of groceries, my favorite chili and Mark's visit to the Auto Show.

Other Bits : the chili recipe, Morgan's favorite cereal, a leftover card from my One Little Word mini,  and a receipt from our trip to the library.

Insert : on the front, a sweet note from Grandma + Grandpa Goulding (sent along with Morgan's lost, and then found, noo-noo). On the back, this layout with a minor change. I used a different background paper. I thought the polka dot was too busy.

Click any of the photos below to enlarge. Left side with insert :
Close-up of left side :
Close-up of insert :
I taped on this little journaling card and wrote about how we are always looking for Morgan's lost noo-noo. Thought we lost it for good before Christmas when we were at Grandma + Grandpa's house but Grandma found it and mailed it back to Morgan! Yeah!
Insert with right side :
Close-up of insert (you can read it better here) :
Close-up of right side :
The 'yummy' card with the photo of my favorite turkey chili is actually one of the foldable 4x6 journaling cards that comes with the Project Life core kit :
And inside I wrote the recipe. There are a lot of ingredients, but the steps are simple so I jammed it all on that little card as best I could :
A few weeks ago, my mom let me borrow her Silhouette and I made a ton of die-cuts after reading Lisa's awesome tutorial. It is so easy + I am seriously addicted. I filled several sheets of gray + kraft cardstock with basic words + sayings and filled a small basket to dig through so I can add a couple each week. For this week, I used the 'yummy' script, kraft arrow, 'she said' + 'so cool' word bubble.

I love love love this album already. I love having a place to record all of the words Parker is spurting out all of a sudden. A place to slip in pictures of Morgan + her 20 costume changes a day. And the things she is saying. Wow. Did you see the photo above of her helping me unload the dishwasher? She wanted to put the silverware away and said "Helping is an important part of being a family." Oh sweet girl, you are only 3! She blows my mind every single day.

I hope to post Week 3 tomorrow and then share a mega post full of links + thoughts from the past 4 weeks. Any questions? Shoot me a note in the comments below.

If you are not familiar with Project Life, click here. All of my 2012 Project Life posts can be found here.

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  1. You got your photos! So inspired by including the recipe and the insert looks fabulous!

  2. love the weekend fun layout and the inclusion of the recipe--your handwriting is cool! :)

  3. Love it all! I wish I had a Silhouette to make bubbles. That's the one thing I'm really craving in my album!

  4. What an awesome way to scrapbook. Looking forward to more wisdom from Morgan and Parker's increasing vocabulary.

  5. Love this so much! I've never tried scrapbooking so this is an inspiration. So creative!