Monday, January 2, 2012

Project Life 2012 : my title page, goals + products I'm using

Yesterday I finally started to tackle the project of making my Project Life title page. The fact is, I was stalling. I was stuck. I had found so many great ideas, and blogs, and galleries, that I got a little overwhelmed (okay, a lot overwhelmed) with making my own. It seems simple enough, just slipping in a few photos and cards + calling it a day. But for whatever reason I just couldn't get started. So, I just sat down and did it. Finishing my December Daily can wait. Cleaning up the mess on my work table can wait. So this is what I came up with.

A couple weeks ago Becky did a blog post on title page ideas (which I promptly examined each and every one) and at the end there were a few freebies from Cathy Zielske to make a 6x12 page. How fun, right? So on top of my regular 12x12 page (which I'll show you below), I created this :
I printed just the journaling spot portion of Cathy's template and printed it on patterned paper. I cut it out by hand and adhered it to the die cut paper by Studio Calico. For the journaling card below, I temporarily attached a grid card to some printer paper and printed out the 'our life, one week at a time...", folded it in half around the right edge of the page and zig-zag stitched it in place.

Because I had enough supplies to make a second page, I made a matching 'volume 02' sheet for the second album. Here is how it looks as you open the album :
I have some of Becky's 6x12 page protectors coming, so (I'm guessing) the left margin will line up much nicer than these American Crafts page protectors. I just slipped it in for photo purposes. :)

And here is my full title page :
As a Project Life newbie, I hope it doesn't take me as long (or cause such mass destruction on my work table) to do my weekly layouts.
I'm sure I will get into a groove as the weeks go by. One thing I have already learned is to not overthink it. This is supposed to be fun + simple! Something I have done to cut down on a little of the prep work is I have my date cards + scrapbook dividers inserted into the album and January's cards are also stamped with the weekly dates.

My goal is to do my weeks Monday - Sunday (except for this first week, which will be Sunday - Sunday), edit + print my photos at home on Monday, work on my layout Monday/Tuesday, and then blog it Tuesday/Wednesday.

Below is a list of the big stuff - the supplies + products I am using for my Project Life album. All of the other extras are just goodies in my stash and I can share what they are as I use them or am asked about it. I am very much looking forward to using up all of those random half-used alphabet stickers and rub-on's, especially the numbers.

Project Life supplies : Turquoise Core Kit, Design A Big Pack + 6x12 page protectors, Dividers + an extra pack of grid journaling cards (Project Life or not - these journaling cards are so fun to use!)
Album : I already had an empty 12 x 12 We R Memory Keepers Linen Album in Hazelnut and purchased a second (because it seems most of the ladies that I follow who did Project Life last year needed more than one album per year, and because I want them to match.) :)
Printer : Epson Photo Stylus R2880
Camera : Nikon D60 + my iPhone
Photo Editing Program : Photoshop Elements 9. Version 10 is available (with a free 30-day trial) here at Adobe's website.
Other fun must-haves (for me) : We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper (the 1/4" radius seems to match the rounded corner on the cards in the core kit), Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher, a date stamp (found at an office supply store) + an inkpad, and lots of pens + Sharpies. This list could go on + on, so I will stop now. But these are the biggies.

Phew. I am just so excited about this project. If I haven't covered something or you have a question, please feel free to ask in the comments. Thank you for looking + reading!


  1. Love the 6 X 12 page and the fact that you did one for the second album. Not knowing much about Project Life, I did wonder how one could get all the pages in one album.

  2. OMG I am already behind =). I should be getting my kit in the mail Wednesday and I got an album Saturday. I should look at that blog you mention for ideas on the cover page.

  3. I attempted the very first Project are making me want to try Project didn't buy the Project Life kit? Don't they sell it as a whole album and everything you need?

  4. Emily, the only kit is the core kit - which is basically just the journaling cards and filler cards, etc. Now you buy everything seperately. If you click on the links above that go to Becky Higgins website, you can see all of the extras that are available now as opposed to last/past years.

  5. Great title page! I love how you added the 6x12 piece in front. Who makes the quote piece you used on the number paper? Perfect quote for this project!

  6. Thanks Niki! That is from an old 7Gypsies 97% Complete sticker sheet - the Document set I believe.

  7. Do you have any info on what papers not from the kit you used? Love the notebook, ledger and all other papers

  8. Looks great! Perhaps I missed this somewhere, but what kind of tape is that on the actual photos?

  9. Love it Nicole!!! I just finished my title page and can't wait to start again. I did an album of my daughter last year so it's been challenging to try to turn my mind into documenting our family rather than just her. So looking forward to seeing your weeks! I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to post mine on the blog.....:)

  10. It looks awesome Nicole!!! I love what you have going so far, and can't wait to see the rest!! Congrats on being featured on Beckys blog too :)

  11. Love the look of that 6x12 overlay - so cool!

  12. Thanks so much everyone!

    Brenda - the notebook journaling card and ledger paper are from the Turquoise core kit. The yellow number/blue dot paper is My Minds Eye Out of the Blue "Playful" Number paper from the Lime Twist collection. The die cut paper on the 6x12 page is Studio Calico.

    Nelia - the handwritten tags on the photos (the ones with our names and ages) is just white cardstock, not a sticker. :)

  13. Looks great!! I'm thinking of jumping on board with this project!! I love the little bird w/heart!!! Cute!!

  14. Hi There!
    I like your 6x12 with the holes and I love the part where you put wife, daughter, mother sister ... etc - Very nice :) :) Happy New Year!

  15. Have just commenced PL and found your article really helpful.
    Thanks heaps. Noel