Thursday, December 29, 2011

One Little Word 2012 : Less

My word for 2012 is less.

It came to me last month, in the midst of the holiday hustle + bustle, the planning, the list-making, the gift-buying. I wasn't necessarily craving less. I was trying to figure out how to get by without having more, more, more.

Then I started to see art + prints pop up on Pinterest. The less is more variety. Plus this. This. And this. And this. And then I bought this print. And that's when less started to stick.

In 2012, I want to live with less.
Less worrying about what other people are doing.
Less obsessing over things I cannot control.
Less nit-picking + criticizing.
Less crazy running around.
Less pressure on myself.
Less yes.

Plus some of the simpler, goal-oriented less :
Less junk : physical clutter, crappy processed food, chemicals. I want to continue tackling my 52 Bites as well as a decluttering plan that I read about here, and declutter at least one room/area in the house each month. The kitchen, bathrooms, kids bedrooms, clothes + shoes, everything. No, our house isn't cluttered, but I think there is always room for improvement if there are things lying around that we don't love and/or don't use. I'd also like to incorporate a few homemade natural cleaning products into our household.
Less flab : When I stopped nursing Parker last spring, I've lost and gained the same ten (or so) pounds a few times over. Annoying. Yeah, sorry, I know 10 pounds isn't mindboggling. I don't care so much about the number on the scale but I do want to tone up. I want to feel healthy + confident in my skin again. This will be a tough one since I loathe working out. I'd rather do almost anything than exercise. I'll need to get moving in other ways.
Less brain-numbing activity : 99% of the time, mine comes from the internet. I adore the inspiration immensely but I find I need to limit it when I know I could be doing something productive + inspiring for myself + my family. A cut on the Google Reader subscriptions will be a must. And then there's the whole social network thing. But that's a story for another day. Tara Whitney's Thinning the Herd blog post really spoke to me last summer and I'm adding it here for others to read (and as a reminder to myself to read it again). It's a little long, but it's thoughtful, and good. And as you can see by the comments, she is not alone.

And with less, usually comes more. For me, I hope that is more confidence, more relaxation + sleep, more kindness + love, more deep breaths, more patience + calm, more intention. (I love that word, Jenny!)
Above is my pre-class assignment. I printed the 4x6 opening page that Ali created on transparency instead of cardstock and adhered American Crafts Thickers to it. I punched two holes on the side and slipped it into the bookrings on my minibook.
I'm loving the size of this book. It will be a fun change of pace from the full size album from this year. I'm especially excited to fill it with my favorite quotes and inspirational sayings like the ones above from Pinterest. Can't wait to see how fat it gets! I plan on doing monthly blog updates through 2012, just as I did this year with my word focus, on my prompts and how I'm adding in extras to my mini.

I'm really looking forward to the official beginning of class on Sunday. And to seeing where less takes me in 2012. I can already hear a recurring mantra in my head : "Do you really need (to do) this, Nicole? If you aren't familiar with One Little Word, or you are interested in signing up for the class, you can read more about it here.

Happy New Year everyone! We are going to lay low tomorrow night + have a quiet evening at home. I'm going to try to talk Mark into a late (after-the-kids-are-in-bed) takeout dinner + wine. And maybe a good movie. See you in 2012!!


  1. Good word choice sis. If I wasn't already starting two other projects, I think I would do this one. I was thinking about words the other day, just a mental thought of what I want to focus on this year...

  2. LOVE your new word and all it will entail for you. Almost makes me want to change b/c I would love to focus on a lot of those "less" items. My word will be CULTIVATE. Will be posting with the OLW blog hop on the 1st! Your new (at least I just noticed it!) blog header is very nice!

  3. I love small books. I made one for last year when my word was celebrate. And of course with your word - Less - the size you have chosen is perfect!

  4. finally had a chance to stop by and say "hello" here! :)
    love your "less" canvas for your word! looking forward to all of your 2012 inspiration!

  5. Funny....less was MY word last year! And for pretty much the same reasons! Welcome to Project Life! This will my third year. I am in the process of decluttering my home as well (funny how a major renovation will make you stop and purge!). Love the blog posts.